Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

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Class 2 Outdoor Learning
15 July 2019

Class 2 used modelling clay to create creatures and animals. They then looked for materials to make habitats for their models.

The Greatest Show
12 July 2019

We were wowed and amazed by all the brilliant performers in our very own circus production! We experienced strong men and ladies, trapeze artists, magicians, crazy clowns, dancing clowns, hula hoopers, animal tamers with fierce animals, a runaway horse, energetic dancers and a star guest appearance by the talented pianist Eltonno Johno! All acts were cleverly kept in check by the ringmaster who overcame his fears!

A huge well done to every pupil for all your effort.

Thank you to parents for the fantastic costumes and for all your support with props.

A special thank you to writer, producer and director Mrs Turner!

Woodbury Flower Festival
12 July 2019

The children have contributed artwork to the flower festival at St Swithun’s Church is based on Rev Keble Martin’s work as a botanist, and the displays are based on different natural habitats and the flowers that grow there. These in turn are inspired by the kneelers in the church, which commemorate Keble Martin and were embroidered by local women based on designs painted by local women, too.  The kneelers and the original designs are all on display, too.

The festival is open this weekend.

Class 3 Outdoor Learning
11 July 2019

Class 3 checked on their flowers, fruits and vegetables they had planted and could see a difference in how they had grown. The tomatoes are not ready yet but we enjoyed smelling the scent of the leaves and tasting the lettuce leaves.

Weightlifting in Class 1
10 July 2019

Our school caretaker came to talk to the children about his other jobs. He works in a gym but is also a competitive weight lifter. He has recently returned from America where he retained three world titles.

The children heard all about the different weights he uses and how to lift the bar. He showed us the clothes he has to wear in competitions and talked about how he eats a healthy diet to help him stay in peak condition.

The children were able to ask him questions they had written earlier – ‘ Can you lift houses? ‘Do you look at your medals every day?’ ‘What do you have to eat?’

Thank you for coming to inspire the children – now we know what being a real strong man/lady involves.

Mathematical Problem Solving in Class 3
9 July 2019

Class 3 have been putting all of their mathematical skills to good use this week – carrying out lots of different investigations. Today, we have been using our knowledge of factors and shape to create bracelet designs. Lots of interesting ideas!

Class 1 Outdoor Learning
8 July 2019

Class 1 enjoyed a lovely sunny morning up at our forest school site. This week involved us changing the Pirate ship to a Circus Boat!! The children landed in Port and we had a go at juggling with our scarves. Some of the children were able to make the scarf disappear into thin air and then magically reappear. We then had a go at improving our hula hooping skills. Some of the children have really improved at this. The children showed some great team work on the ski balances working together to balance and move around the field. Then it was back on board the Circus Boat to travel to the next Port.

The Greatest Show - Rehearsals!
8 July 2019

Rehearsals are well under way for our summer production of The Greatest Show. Despite the heat, pupils have been working hard to learn lines, stage positions and new songs for what promises to be a really “Great Show!” Please come and support us on Thursday 11th July at 2:30pm in the Glebe field. The show will be followed by our school summer fair for everyone to enjoy – A big thank you to our P.T.A for organising this.

Celebration Assembly 5th July
8 July 2019

Well done to all of our stars of the week and those who have completed commendation cards!

PTFA Summer Fayre
4 July 2019

We look forward to seeing you all at our summer fayre.