Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Year 6 Legacy Project
7 July 2017

Year 6 worked hard with Helen Plant, visiting artist, to create two beautiful wall hangings based on our school values and our mission statement that ‘Every child matters as a child of God’.  The hangings include pictures of the church and school as well as pebbles to represent us as part of the Pebblebed Heath Federation. These pieces will make an amazing contribution to our school environment.

Thank you to the PTA who part funded the project – the children thoroughly enjoyed their time painting and sewing to create the pieces.


Class 1 Forest School
28 June 2017

All of class 1 enjoyed their first afternoon at forest school on Tuesday. They explored the area looking for different kinds of birds and wildlife in the trees and then set off in groups making clay mice and hedgehogs and made a cosy home for them to live in. We discussed different habitats and what makes a good home. Marshmallows around the fire was enjoyed by all!

Forest School continues...
27 June 2017

Despite the heat, we all found shady spots at forest school and the group all loved the ‘building bridges’ challenge.
First, we all discussed the importance of why we have trees and forests and what it can provide for ourselves and wildlife. The children came up with lots of ideas and lots of materials and objects you can make from wood. They were then asked to build a strong bridge structure out of wood they found on the ground which would hold a bottle of water for 10 seconds! They all succeeded and came up with completely different structures and working well together. They agreed that everyone’s bridge was the best! Well done to all.

Super thinking!
22 June 2017

During our maths lessons we try to encourage the children to dig deeper into the maths that they are doing and to make connections in their learning between the different areas of maths. We support the children by asking questions to promote their thinking. Whilst investigating how many rectangles he could draw with an area of 24cm2, Devon began to use his times tables and worked in a logical order to find all possibilities. Super thinking!

Money Week in class 2
22 June 2017

This year during money week, Class Two discussed the benefits of saving their money rather than spending it as soon as they received it.  They then produced posters to encourage others to save.
Here are some quotes:

“Rather than wasting your money , you can save it and buy something that you really want.” Eliza
“To resist the temptation of spending your money, you can give it to your parents to look after.” Devon
“It is important to save your money in a safe place so that you do not lose it.” Brooke
“You can earn interest on your money if you save it in a bank.” Dylan
“You will feel proud, happy and excited if you save your money and you can buy something that you really want.” Poppy

Maths Visit
15 June 2017

All the year 5’s came back really excited and really enjoyed their morning at Exmouth Community College. They joined in two activities outside the classroom measuring distance and time to find the formula of speed.  They all made estimations before the children went outside to help the maths teacher work out whether his pupils can travel from their English lessons to his Maths lessons in 5 minutes by timing the walk and measuring the distance. The second challenge was testing their general maths knowledge with a maths treasure trail.

Jonathan said “I enjoyed the walking test because we get to actually prove the answer. I also enjoyed looking for the numbers in the treasure hunt.”

Eve said ” It was good because I volunteered to help measure the distance of the walk by using a timer – It was fun!”

Pirate shopping in class 1
15 June 2017

As part of Money Week the children in Class 1 have been exploring pirate addition. The children have been shopping for pirate essentials such as eye patches, wooden legs, cutlass and telescopes. Makes a change from Tesco!

Hit the surf
12 June 2017

Today class 3 took part in the ‘Hit The Surf’ lifesaving course organised by the RNLI.  The children took part in theory and practical lessons on beach safety, surf survival skills and techniques for identifying hazards and dangers.

On arrival, the children learned about the safety flags seen on a beach and the job of a lifeguard.  The children then changed into their wetsuits and took part in some warm up games, including beach relays, beach flags and beach sprints.  Next, the children had a go at body surfing and tube rescue in the water.

The children had a fantastic afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed learning about their local environment. Well done Class 3!


Class 2 and 3 music
7 June 2017

Keeping music high priority at school important and Class 2 and 3 at Woodbury Salterton have started learning to play DooDs – a hybrid woodwind instrument which is a cross between a recorder and a clarinet. This week, the focus was on getting the right embouchure to make a sound. Reed instruments are really tricky to master and the children did really well. Thanks to Primary Music for continuing to bring music alive at school!


Year 6 role models
25 May 2017

Year 6 have spent a fantastic 3 days on residential at Beam House in Torrington, North Devon. They have faced their fears on the zip wire and high ropes, persevered with the problem solving activity and showed great endeavour with the very muddy and wet challenge course. They met all the activities with great fun and determination. Well done year 6!