Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Russian Life
30 March 2012

To finish our Russian topic, Class 3 have had the privilege of a Russian visitor.  Maxim came and spoke to the class all about Russian life, and the children asked lots of really interesting questions.  We thought about school life, lifestyle and the politics of Russia.  Although it was tricky, we even learnt to count to ten in Russian.  Class 3 would like to say a huge thank you to Maxim for giving up his time to tell us all about Russia.
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Russian Cooking
22 March 2012

This week, class 3 have been doing some Russian cooking.  We made a berry cake and a beetroot, apple and creme fraiche salad. 

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15 March 2012

Class 2 have been busy designing and building moving robots from junk materials. They used levers and pneumatic systems to help move parts of their models and then  fixed electrical circuits with light bulbs into their robots. The children set up their robots to show other children and their parents.

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Volume Investigations
9 March 2012

Class 3 have been exploring the volume of liquids and whether they change when put into a differently shaped container.  We practised reading volumes, making sure we got down to eye level to read the levels.

EMG Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal
9 March 2012

On Thursday 1st of March Class 3 went to see an orchestra rehearsal before their performance.  They played Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity and Mars the Bringer of War.  These pieces are from The Planets, composed by Gustav Holst.  We also got to listen to Nimrod from The Enigma Variations which was by Edward Elgar.

We want to thank EMG Symphony Orchestra for giving us the chance to play some of the instruments and sit within the orchestra.  As we are learning classical music in class, listening to an orchestra really helped us learn.

Many thanks to Nigel Cheffers-Heard (photographer for EMG Symphony Orchestra) for taking the phtographs.

Letter from Quentin Blake
8 March 2012

Class 2 children wrote letters to Quentin Blake. Here they are opening a letter back from him.


Year 6 Science Workshop
1 March 2012

Year 6 visited Exmouth Community College on two occasions for a science workshop. They learned all about two types of electrical circuits, a series circuit and a parallel circuit. They had great fun and all worked enthusiastically as budding scientists!

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Class 1 Watercolours - Our Toys
10 February 2012