Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Faith Week
17 June 2019

Class 3 have been learning about Muslim worship during Faith Week. They have created some beautiful painted artwork of mosques. Inside the doors are the Five Pillars of Islam and interesting facts surround the silhouetted mosques.


Faith Week in Class 2
13 June 2019

Class 2 have been displaying their artistic talents by designing Islamic printed tiles, a 3D mosque and a beautifully patterned prayer mat. They added to the prayer mat by writing their wishes for a better world. They were able to answer lots of questions about Islam, the topic for our Faith Week.

Faith Week
13 June 2019



On Monday, we started our Faith week on Islam by welcoming Naomi to our school. She talked to the children about her beliefs and how she lives her life as a Muslim.

The children in Class One listened to some Islamic stories and explored their teachings, the children in Class Two found out about Muhammed, the Qur’an and the importance of prayer and Class Three discovered what it was like being a Muslim today. All the children showed great interest, learnt lots of new facts about Islam and identified the links between Christianity and Islam.

The children also enjoyed tasting some traditional food that Muslims like to eat.


Visit to the Heath
12 June 2019

The Pebblebed Heath Conservation Trust gave Class 3 some very enjoyable activities and lots of information when we visited Woodbury Common and the Iron Age Hill Fort. The day was made up of den building, a walk around the fort, learning about wildlife and heath conservation. The children enjoyed a trailer ride then took turns in using the power hose. They got just a tiny bit wet!

Class 1 Chicks!
11 June 2019

Class 1 waited patiently for the eggs in their incubator to hatch. We were lucky enough to have four baby chicks. The children were able to watch one hatching while they were at school.

They are now three weeks old and doing really well.


Muslim Visit
10 June 2019

We were very fortunate this week to be visited by Naomi, who is a Muslim. She told us about what it is like to be a Muslim, her traditions and way of life in this country. We were able to try on traditional clothing including a Hijab and a Tupi. We also looked at interesting artefacts and took part in a washing ritual.

Class 1 -Thy Kingdom Come
8 June 2019

Class 1 have been thinking about the Lord’s Prayer this week.

We have sung a version of the Lord’s Prayer and have written some prayers of our own in our prayer space.

We shared our prayers during our class prayer circle

Scarecrow Festival
8 June 2019

Here is our entry for the village Scarecrow Festival, affectionately named “Jeff the Jockey!” Well done to the team of helpers for making our scarecrow look so realistic and a special thank you to those pupils who brought in props too.

Class 3 - Thy Kingdom Come
8 June 2019

To celebrate “Thy Kingdom Come” week, Class 3 have written some beautiful, thoughtful prayers to their friends and families. We then went to Forest School to collect twigs to make natural looking frames to showcase their lovely prayers.

Thy Kingdom Come
7 June 2019

Thy Kingdom Come 2019 – a global wave of prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come invites people to grow in prayer – as individuals, in families, with friends, with others across the Diocese.

The children in Class Two have written prayers which include praying for others in the hope that the person that they are praying for and themselves will get to know God better. They have placed their prayers into a prayer box which they have made and decorated with six different places that they would like to say their prayer. Each day for 11 days they will say their prayer in as many different places as possible.

In Class 3, we had the opportunity for some quiet reflection time on the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. This is part of our ‘Thy Kingdom Come Week’ in school, where we are thinking about how we pray and communicate with God. A great opportunity for sharing and listening to others!