Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Well done role models!
10 June 2018

Well done to the children who were either our Stars of the Week, completed their Commendation Cards or received Values in Action certificates. What role models you all are!

History in action
10 June 2018

Class 3 had great fun recreating scenes of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole in the Crimean War.  They showed that female nurses were not initially wanted, but how they made a fantastic contribution to cleanliness and care in the war. Well done Class 3 – great acting and improvised costumes!

Royal Wedding
21 May 2018

On Friday Class 2 and 3 were invited to Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding in Holy Trinity Church and afterwards to  wedding reception  in the playground. Thank you to Mrs Wheeler for providing the music at the wedding and Mrs Haggerty for help with the wonderful wedding cake.


Weddings in Class 1
21 May 2018

On Tuesday, as part of our work on the Royal Wedding, Rev Syd and Mrs Wheeler visited Class One. Rev Syd  talked about why people choose to get married  in a church and then explained what happens in a wedding service. The children then took their soft toys, the bunches of wild flowers they had picked earlier in the day and their handmade rings to church for a wedding ceremony. Mrs Wheeler provided the wedding music on the  organ and once Micky Mouse and Lion were wed we enjoyed the wedding breakfast at the back of the church.

Aliens Love Underpants
3 May 2018

Class 1 have been reading about Aliens Love Underpants. They have designed some of their own Aliens and written about their features.

Maths in Class 2
27 April 2018

Year Two have been busy learning about multiplication and division. They have made up their own number problems for their friends to solve and have written the number sentence that represents their problem. Year 3 and 4 have been finding out about tenths and hundredths. They have looked at decimal equivalence and have made their own number lines and carefully placed images of these fractions into the correct place on their number line.

Biomes in Class 3
26 April 2018

As part of their Art and DT topic, children in class 3 could choose their own biome community of plants and animals and think about the common characteristics of the environment they exist in. They made their biomes from cardboard boxes and painted the inside as a backdrop and attached to it wooden rods which they could move back and worth to show living creatures/animals that they drew. They all enjoyed the activity and came up with a good variety of different biomes.

St George's Day in Class 1
26 April 2018

Class One had a busy time learning about and celebrating St George’s Day on Monday. They acted out the story of brave St George defeating the dragon and sequenced the story . Then some of the children decided to make shields of their own with a St George’s cross on the front.  Other children decided to make English flags and Henry even got busy with the Tap Tap Boards and made a picture of the story.

Mind-boggling maths
29 March 2018

Class 3 had some challenging Maths puzzles today with Mr Lucas, a visitor from Exmouth Community College. He taught us how to easily multiply large numbers by 11 and to divide them by 5. We then practised showing all of our working out to solve some tricky problems. Thank you Mr Lucas; it was great fun!

Wonderful morning of music
20 March 2018

On Friday, Classes 2 and 3 enjoyed a wonderful morning of classical music in Exeter University’s Great Hall, with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. The theme was ‘Secrets and Codes’ and the children listened, sang and body-popped their way through a fantastic programme of music, including Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter and the Imperial March from Star Wars. What an inspiration to everyone – adults and children alike!