Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Geometry in Year 5
13 March 2018

The year 5 children have been developing their Geometry knowledge over the last couple of weeks and today they were measuring angles directly on the table! They have been working really hard using the protractors and measuring different types of angles.

Devon – “drawing on the tables was really fun! I liked measuring the angles too.”
JJ – “I became more confident measuring angles in today’s lesson!”

Midget Gem Maths
8 March 2018

Year 5 got stuck into midget gem maths this week, making 3D shapes from sweets and washing up liquid. They were able to examine faces, edges and corners of a whole range of shapes, even a very large and sticky cuboid! Marvellous maths Year 5 – Well done!

World Book Day 2018 on 8th March!
1 March 2018

We’ve had to cancel World Book Day today, but recognise that many of the children, and staff, were excited about wearing their costumes. Therefore we are planning to reschedule World Book Day to 8th March and we would like to invite you, once again,  to join us in helping your child to make the most of this special occasion.

World Book Day celebrates the joy and value of books and reading, especially for children.  To help get them started on their reading journey, every child receives a £1 World Book Day token that can either be exchanged for one of the 10 special £1 books or used to get £1 off any book.  You can find out more about the books at worldbookday.com/books

School and libraries across the UK celebrate World Book Day with a huge range of events and activities.  Here are a few things that we will be doing for World Book Day.

Dress Up!  Children are invited to dress up as their favourite book character on Thursday 1st March.

Extreme reading!  Bring in a photograph of yourself reading in the most extreme poses, conditions or places that you can think of.  These will be displayed  in the library.

Schools Library Visit!  Carolyn Kennedy from the Schools Library Service will be visiting classes on Wednesday 28th February to talk about the author David Walliams and to share some of his stories.  She will also have lots of quizzes and books with her for the children to enjoy.

‘Awful Auntie’ at the Northcott Theatre!  Class 2 and 3 will be visiting the theatre to watch a production of David Walliams, ‘Awful Auntie’ on Thursday 15th March – further details to follow.

Various other book-based activities will be run by teachers throughout the day too.

You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members.  For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit worldbookday.com

Children are never too young to start their journey with books and the benefits of reading are enormous – so we hope, like us, you will use World Book Day to celebrate it with your child.

Old toys
21 February 2018

This week, Class One have started their work on learning about old toys. They have been enjoying playing with some of toys  that Mrs Tweedy used to play with when she was a child.

Victorians in Class 2
15 February 2018

The children in Class 2 have been creating information posters about life in a Victorian school. They have researched the lives of children during the Victorian era and then set up a Victorian classroom for the day in order to bring their learning alive. Thankfully no child needed the cane, but a few had to wear the dunce cap! Their Victorian work culminated in producing information posters on school life in Victorian Britain.


Staying safe online
5 February 2018

Safer Internet Day will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.  With mobile technology is expanding so quickly, keeping safe online is a key area for everyone. The main messages for the children are:

  • Support others
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Check before you share
  • Share positively
  • Ask for help

It is also another useful opportunity review our Acceptable User Agreements  which outline the strategies we use to keep safe online at school:

  • I will ask a teacher or suitable adult if I want to use the computers/ipads
  • I will only use activities that a teacher or suitable adult has told or allowed me to use
  • I will take care of the computer and other equipment
  • I will ask for help from a teacher or suitable adult if I am not sure what to do or if I think I have done something wrong
  • I will tell a teacher or suitable adult if I see something that upsets me on the screen
  • I know that if I break the rules I might not be allowed to use a computer

Looking for further information? Why not visit www.thinkuknow.co.uk to find a range of information about keeping yourself or a child you know safe from child sexual exploitation.


Hands on science
22 January 2018

Class 3  got hands on in Science on Friday, testing different materials, such as flour, sugar and salt, to see if they dissolved in water and recording their results for analysis. Our buddings scientists had great fun and made lots of interesting discoveries. Well done Class 3!

Times table challenge in Class 2
14 January 2018

Class Two are starting their times table challenge this week. Year 4 children are hoping to learn all their times tables up to 12 x 12! Year Two children have been using counters to make arrays to help develop their understanding of multiplication and the times tables.

Online maths learning
14 January 2018

Year 1 have been busy with our new maths program RM Maths. RM Maths is proving to be a  fantastic way to learn and consolidate skills learnt in  maths lessons at school.  The children have been learning how to log in to their maths page on our maths program. They can enjoy daily maths practice in school and can also access their page at home using their log in which all children should now have.

Supporting learning in 2018
29 December 2017

We recognise that there are many parents who like to plan in learning around topics in school and thought we’d give you a sneaky peek of some of the learning in classes next term…

In Class 1, the children will be learning all about toys children played with in the past and comparing them to the ones we   enjoy today. We will also be looking at the materials they are made from.

In Class 2, the children will be studying the Polar regions of the world. They will find out about the climate and animal life and will question the effect of global warming on   these areas. Within their history lessons, they will research the great explorers who traveled to these remote regions. Class Two will also study life in the Stone Age and will be making their own Stone Age shelters!

In Class 3, the children will be learning about Earth Matters including volcanoes, earthquakes, climate zones and biomes. The children will learn about the features of volcanoes, their   formation and discover how they are distributed around the world.  They will create models, artwork and ‘David Attenborough’ style commentaries and much more.

More information to follow in Class letters at the start of term.