Woodbury Salterton
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Our Learning

Experts on fractions!
14 November 2017

Yr 6 have become experts on all things to do with FRACTIONS: adding them, subtracting them, converting them and, today, multiplying them! A jigsaw fractions puzzle and tricky word problems kept them very busy! On to dividing them next…

Value this term
30 October 2017

This half term’s value is Trust and once again we will be using an acrostic poem to explore this value in detail.


Taking someone at their word

Relying on someone to support you

Unbreakable promises

Showing that you can be trustworthy

Treasuring good friends

As part of this focus on the value of  Trust value we will be exploring knowing our friends will support, knowing Jesus is with us in stormy times, standing on God’s promises, being trustworthy and not gossiping, Anti-bullying Week, trusting God and believing God has a plan for our lives , as well as ending the term with our Christmas celebrations. Once again, we believe that this focus on values will continue to have a positive impact on all areas of the school.

The Home Values sheet as provides family with an opportunity to discuss some of these areas at home by talking together about people who you know that are trustworthy, practical ways that we can show others that we are trustworthy and why it is important to be able to trust others when working together as a team. Click the the link on the school website and visit the school office for more details.


Great thinking in maths
12 October 2017

Well done to the Libby, Ella and Brooke who all displayed great thinking in maths today! From adding three and two digit numbers together, counting in steps of ten and understanding equivalence in calculations, all the children displayed a growth mindset and we’re proud of what you achieved today. Great job everyone!

Missing Dragons!
6 October 2017

Class Two have been busy writing wanted posters to find the menacing dragons that have been causing havoc around the village. Visit our writing gallery to see more examples…


Well done - great maths!
6 October 2017

This week, Year Two have been securing their understanding of the value of 2 digit numbers. They have made numbers using different representations and placed them on a blank number line. Well done – great maths!

Busy, busy, busy!
5 October 2017

A busy afternoon this week where class 2 did took part in three activities including fire lighting, land art with leaves and making a good start in building our bug mansion. For some it was their first experience in starting a fire with flint and steel and found it tricky but all kept going and persevered. As the leaves are now starting to fall there are some beautiful autumn colours and the children enjoyed collecting leaves and making their own land art. The Class’ wish list to build a big mansion at the site started well and they are hoping that some mini beasts are now going into hibernation in there before winter arrives.

Sunny autumn afternoon with butterflies
5 October 2017

Another lovely sunny autumn afternoon where class 1 enjoyed playing outside in our top field and we’re lucky enough to see some butterflies still catching the last warmth of the sun. After marshmallows, we gathered around the autumn table and they learned that not all leaves fall from the trees and talked about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. The children then enjoyed making prints with the leaves and pressing them into clay. They will be painting them next week – another great session!

Safe, strong, free!
4 October 2017

The children were joined by Rose, Tammie and Lizzie from CAP (Child Assault Prevention) who held a follow-up assembly to the work they undertook over 18 months ago. During the assembly, they explored the three basic rights of feeling safe, strong and free. Through role play, they explored a range of scenarios which included saying no to someone who might be bullying or being mean to you, keeping safe online and telling someone in your personal network if you’re not happy with something.

Gingerbread men in class 1
4 October 2017

Class 1 have been learning about  the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children have all baked and decorated a gingerbread man of their own. Well done Class 1 – yummy!

Fractions domino puzzle
2 October 2017

Class 3 had lots of Maths fun on Thursday, looking at mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Sam and Devon solved a huge fractions domino puzzle – super maths thinking!