Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Primary School Sport Funding

The school received £13110.00 for 2017/18 which was spent on improving the quality of sport and PE for the children at Woodbury Salterton C of E Primary School.

This funding was used to support us in working towards the following aims:

  1. To improve quality of provision in sport and PE.
  2. To increase participation in sport:
  3. of our least active children
  4. in competitive events
  5. To develop habits for life long participation in exercise and sport.

Priorities for spending therefore include:

  • providing high quality training in PE for school staff;
  • utilising the skills of specialist staff within and beyond the school;
  • continuing and expanding the range of lunch time and after school sport clubs available to children;
  • providing opportunities for children to take part in competitive events including with other local schools;
  • providing additional swimming lessons to ensure that all children can confidently swim at least 25 meters by the time they leave the school;
  • and working with local providers to offer opportunities for children to experience a wider range of sport and exercise activities.

School leaders and governors monitor the impact of this spending on the quality of teaching in PE and on levels of children’s participation and achievement.

£5659.00 Primary Sport

£1800.00 Premier Sport

£737.50 Swimming lessons

£270.00 contribution towards swimming transport

£340.00 TA support after school sports clubs

£55.00 DTGS Annual service of sports equipment

£17.50 High 5 training

£303.25 Hockey sticks, balls, gum shields, shin pads, whistles.

TOTAL = £9182.25

The remainder is ring fenced for sport in the 2018/19 budget.