Forest School

In Class Two, the children enjoyed some free time at forest school. We saw children digging the ground preparing to plant a tree, den making, animal shelters being created, poetry being written, working as a team to 'rescue' each other, tree climbing and so much more!
Class Two have been using their scientific knowledge of forces to help them to work as a team to move a ball, using pieces of guttering, from one side of the field to the other. They had to persevere like a tortoise, plan like a bluebell and work together to complete the task. Great fun and so much learning involved!
Class 1 enjoyed learning how to create sparks to light a fire. They joined in with team games and then sat around the campfire to toast marshmallows.
Class 1 had a super time at Forest School and were very excited to be taught how to use a saw safely!
They used their skills to make lovely, wooden necklaces.
They also enjoyed den building, digging and spotting our fabulous new nature posters.
Class one displayed great teamwork and listening skills when they joined in with parachute games.
They enjoyed collecting forest treasure and seeing how many items would fit into a small tin.
Class 1 thought about our memories of Forest School and what has been special for us.
We then used our sawing skills to make wooden necklaces and decorated them with memories.
We then had a treasure hunt to find letters of the alphabet that when put together, made the word 'Bushcraft.'
We ended our session with delicious toasted marshmallows.
What a super time we have had at our Forest School!
Class 3 had an amazing morning at Forest School. Great teamwork and co-operation was displayed as pupils built a marble run challenge. Lots of bugs, insects and natural objects were found during a scavenger hunt.
Our learning about shape properties and angles in maths this week was put to great use as pupils marked out a hexagonal space for our new wild flower area.
Class 3 learnt how to light fires using flint, steel and cotton wool! We practised stacking up sticks like a waffle. We also learnt about different hedgerows and how to see how old they are.
Class 3 learned how to build different types of shelters including a Swedish shelter and a Thermal A Frame. Mr Badger was very happy with his new homes!
We completed the digging of our hexagonal wildflower garden and planted some seeds to attract bees.
We also used saws safely to cut branches.
A fabulous and productive morning!
Class 3 practised their fire lighting skills, the fires had to stay alight for 5 minutes!
Some of us made a swing for Mr Badger whilst some of us made a bug hotel from logs. We enjoyed watching the residents, Henry snail and Bobby slug in their new home.
We were pleased to see our wildflower meadow has begun to sprout already.
Class Two enjoyed learning about coastal erosion in forest school this morning, as part of our coastline theme. Which do you think is more powerful, water or rock? Class Two found out that water is more powerful! We discussed what happens when the sea hits the rocks and how the rocks change shape and form arches and stacks. 
Class 2 displayed fantastic teamwork and co-operation as they took on the challenge of crossing the Ocean using only 3 planks in order to rescue Bertie Badger and bring him back to safety!
We displayed our artistic talents as we created coastline picture using natural objects.
We enjoyed showing Class 1 our creative, islands, palm trees and stormy seas.
We learned about how important it is to stay safe on Bonfire night and how to handle sparklers correctly.
We were thrilled to receive copies of a book that Dave has written about a giant in Forest School. We look forward to reading this and many more of the giant's exciting adventures!
Using vegetable peelers, we learned how to safely whittle wood to ensure we had clean sticks to put our marshmallows on for toasting. Delicious!
We collected objects and listened to the different sounds they could make.
We then formed musical bands to listen to each other's tunes.
We very carefully used a saw to cut wood for our snowmen Christmas decorations.
We also used charcoal to draw some lovely artwork.
Classes 1 and 2 continued to craft their Christmas decorations by sawing and drilling wood safely.
Classes 1 and 2 continued to make their Christmas decorations and began to piece them together making sure all holes were drilled correctly.
Class 1 were shown a range of tools and watched how to use them safely. They then used the bow saw to cut some cherry wood for the camp-fire.
At Forest School today we noticed how beautiful the landscape was with the sun trying to shine through the misty fog.
Class 3 listened to the Bible story of Moses and the burning bush and discussed how courageous he was.
We displayed courage when we all had a go at lighting a 5 minute fire independently.
Class Three had a wonderful time at forest school this week creating art in nature. Using the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  They worked either individually, in pairs or small groups to create some super pieces of artwork.
This week in Class 1, we have begun to think about writing our own version of the story 'How to Hide a Lion at school'. We went up to forest school with our toys and found some good hiding spots and took photos in order to write our stories of 'How to Hide a Teddy at Forest School'.
Classes 1 and 2 displayed great co-operation, determination and thinking skills as they worked in teams to transport a ball from one point to another without actually touching the ball. 
We listened to the story of Jesus walking on water and reflected upon his courage.
Today we used our creative talents to sculpt clay into weird and wonderful faces to blend into tree trunks.
This morning at forest school, Class 1 and Class 2 learnt how to make grass whistles! Then we tested our fire lighting skills and used cotton wool to make our own mini fires. We focused on the life aim ‘we keep
ourselves and others safe’. What a fun morning! 
This morning, Class 1 and Class 2 were busy testing out their survival skills! They were given sticks and tarpaulins and had to go and find ways to make shelters to keep themselves safe and dry. 
At forest school this week, the children took part in the 'toast challenge'. They had to light their own fire and then toast a slice of bread. They even got to put some toppings on once they had toasted it.
This half term at Forest School the children have been learning how to survive in the wild. They have learnt that protection, location, acquisition and navigation are all key components to keep safe. Sam Squirrel taught the children how to make a shelter to protect themselves from the weather using sticks arranged in triangles for strength at either end. The teamwork, independence and problem solving from the children was wonderful to observe as they worked on this task.