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Covid Online Learning WB 30.11
30 November 2020
Celebration Assembly 27/11
30 November 2020

Well done to out Stars of the Week!

Christmas Trees for Sale with Donation made to PTFA
26 November 2020
Exmouth Library
26 November 2020
Christmas Activities for Children
25 November 2020


Why not try some of these activities at home?  We would love you to share with us anything you have a go at!


The Queen of Hearts
24 November 2020

The nursery children are enjoying learning some new Nursery Rhymes. This week they have been working on The Queen of Hearts.

They have become skilled at rolling out the playdough thinly to make heart jam tarts as well as making their own crowns.

Two of them acted out the rhyme in front of the whole class – and remembered exactly what they needed to do and say! Well done, Nursery!

Mini Igloos - D&T in Class 3
24 November 2020

Our mini igloos are under construction! We strengthened our structures by using overlapping and compacting techniques.

The adhesive we used will act as a stiffening agent to add further strength and cardboard was used to reinforce.

We look forward to completing our igloos with surface patterning to replicate a block work effect.

Fabulous Faces
23 November 2020
Class 1 have worked really hard on some art work over the last couple of weeks. As part of our topic called Funny Faces and Fabulous Features they have used Collage to create Portraits. They had to remember all the facial features they needed to have on their pictures.
They have looked and listened well to the ideas we have seen and talked about.
Some great imaginative work Class 1.
Whitecross Mission of Churches Zoom Advent Service
23 November 2020
Message from the PTFA
23 November 2020

Thank you everyone who donated toys to our school!

The children were very happy when they saw the generosity of their family, friends the community.

We are so grateful for your support. So far, you have donated over £320 worth of equipment for the playground.

We still have a few items left on the children’s wish list if you would like send them something Rebrand.ly/woodburysalterton