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The Dog's Trust
17 October 2019

As part of our topic ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, Class 1 have been visited by The Donkey Sanctuary, Axhayes Cat Adoption Centre and today we had a visit from The Dogs Trust. The children learnt all about how to behave around dogs and how to keep them happy and healthy. We were able to look at a microchip to see how small it was and learnt how they can help get a dog back home if they are lost.

We met Midnight the toy dog and were able to stroke him using the palm of our hand as we had been taught.

Farmwise 2019
16 October 2019

What a fantastic time Classes 2 and 3 had at the Farmwise event! There was so much to see and do including; bread making, smoothie making by pedal power, spinning wool, looking at an ultra – sound scan of a ewe in lamb and even examining an owl’s poo for skeletons!

The pupils learned such a lot about where food originates from and how it is made.

Thank you to our parent helpers who supported this invaluable trip.

Chalk & Charcoal Stonehenge Art
14 October 2019

Class 3 have been perfecting their skills of making objects appear 3D. Using charcoal and chalk, they have created images of Stonehenge with atmospheric skies to evoke emotions.

Celebration Collective Worship -11/10
14 October 2019

Well done to all those who received badges for completing their commendation cards in Celebration Collective Worship on Friday!

Science in Class 3
14 October 2019

Class 3 have been learning about the solar system in Science. We made a human model to show the orbital paths and rotation of the Earth.

Mental Health Day
10 October 2019

In support of Mental Health Awareness Day, all pupils showed their support by wearing something yellow.
Class 3 made “Happy Masks” to show that mental health is something we shouldn’t hide, but should be talking about.
All pupils in school are given the opportunity to talk about their emotions and feelings. We hope that we all do a good job in supporting one another!

William Morris Artwork
8 October 2019

Class 2 have been looking at the work of craftsman William Morris. They have noticed repeating patterns, symmetry and his love of nature in his wallpaper designs. Using their skills of sketching, designing, making tiles and engraving, they have printed their own beautiful wallpaper.

Collective Worship - The baptism of Jesus
8 October 2019

Anne-Marie from the ICE team took our collective worship today and she told us the story of how Jesus’ cousin John, baptised Jesus in the river Jordan.  She talked to us about how being baptised can be like a new beginning and bring our friendship with God closer.

We enjoyed listening to the story and watching the characters build the scene.

Celebration Assembly - 27/09
7 October 2019

Friday 27th September

Well done to all our stars of the week and those who have completed commendation cards.  A special well done to Year 6 who received certificates of achievement from their time at Heatree.

Celebration Assembly - 04/10
7 October 2019

Friday 4th October

Well done to all our stars of the week and those who have completed commendation cards.  Keep up the hard work!