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Celebration Assembly 01/04
1 April 2021

Well done to all of our stars of the week!

Goodbye and Good Luck Mrs Shepherd
31 March 2021

It was Mrs Shepherd’s last day with us today and we had a special goodbye assembly for her in the playground.  We would like to thank her for all her hard work over the ten years she has been with us and wish her all the best for her new ventures.  We will all miss you!

Happy Easter from all of us at School!
31 March 2021


As restrictions have prevented us from having our usual Easter service in Church will you, we wanted to share with you what we have been learning about this very special time of year.

Class One listened to the Easter story and created an Easter garden.


Class Two have been learning about the Easter Story. They have drawn and painted pictures to show the life of Jesus. Read the information to find out why Jesus was such an important person.

They also wrote an Easter poem…

Class 2 Easter Acrostic poem

Class Three have written Easter poems and illustrated the Easter story…

Well, we have reached the end of this term but it is fair to say that the last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster!  We have felt incredibly supported by all of you and the children have shown such resilience in the face of many changes. It has been a relief for all of us to be able to get back to a relatively normal school routine and it has been lovely to see the children laughing, playing with their friends and enjoying their learning.  We hope you and your family have a wonderful break and can find some time to rest and catch up with friends and family.

Best wishes,

Mrs Milford and the school team.

Year 5 Bikeability
31 March 2021

Pupils from Year 5 have enjoyed Bikeability training with a trainer from Devon County Council.

They have learned how to check their bicycles are roadworthy and safe for use.

They have also learned some tricky manoeuvres and how to stay alert and safe when cycling on roads, paying attention to important road signs.

Sugar Smart
31 March 2021

I had the pleasure of presenting a ‘Sugar Smart’ awareness presentation to all the Class 2 and Class 3 bubbles on Tues. 30th March. All the children were really interested and engaged in learning how to become more aware of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sugars in our food. We want to increase the amount of ‘good’ natural sugar that grows naturally in our fruit and vegetables and limit the ‘bad’ sugar in the many products we consume every day (unfortunately this is in almost everything we love to treat ourselves too!). Our bodies weren’t designed to digest processed food and refined sugar, they were designed for naturally grown foods. The children learnt about the effects of too much bad sugar has to our bodies, teeth and our behaviour.

Recommended amounts of ‘bad’ sugar a day is: (1 cube = 1 teaspoon = 4 grams)

4 – 6 year olds = 5 cubes

7 – 10 year olds = 6 cubes

11+ year olds = 7 cubes

Did you know that research has shown that some children are having 10 times their daily recommended amount of bad sugar a day!?!

To highlight this point: a can of Coke = 8 cubes of sugar, 1 sachet portion of ketchup has 1 cube of sugar, a mini packet of Haribo sweets has 4 cubes of sugar, a small Fruit Shoot drink has 6 cubes of sugar and every Frube yogurt has 1 cube of sugar. Wow! They were very surprised at the amount of sugar in the products we looked at. How often do you as parents check the labels of the products we buy? We all need to read the labels and be aware of what we are consuming.

We also looked at the importance of minimum of ’60 mins activity a day’ and chatted about our energy balance. Our energy balance is our input of food to our output of energy we use…..trying to make it balance out! So, if you do have a bit extra sugar then try to burn it off by doing some extra activity.

Their challenge now is to try to commit to a couple of ‘sugar swaps’ each day to reduce the amount of ‘bad’ refined sugar in their diet. For example; swap sugary cereal for weetabix/cornflakes with a banana sliced on it. Instead of a 3-4 cookies form the tin after school, why not 1 cookie and an apple?

Therefore, parents/carers/grandparents,  your lovely children need your support in this. Please have some conversations about making healthy choices and sugar swaps to make it a lifelong habit. Some additional information to look at can be found on the government website:
uSugar Swaps for Kids | Make a Swap | Change4Life (www.nhs.uk)

I look forward to hearing all about how they are getting on after Easter! Good luck!

Becky Mason,

School Sport Coordinator

Dartmoor School Sport Partnership

PSHE in Class 1
29 March 2021

This week in PSHE we are learning about friendships and how we can be a good friend. We discussed how we make friends what we can do to be good friends to each other. We then generated some ideas about what characteristics would make our perfect friend.

Forest School
29 March 2021
What a great time we had learning how safely light a fire? We climbed trees and really enjoyed toasting squashy marshmallows, delicious!
Thank you once again to Dave and Neil who make our outdoor learning sessions fun, safe and enjoyable.
Celebration Assembly 26/03
29 March 2021

A huge congratulations to this week’s Stars of the Week for all their hard work in school.7