Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Latest News

Christmas Party!
23 December 2019

At our end of term Christmas party, the whole school enjoyed fun and games including Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs, Musical statues and Musical Bumps.

What a surprise to discover Father Christmas had made an early delivery of lovely presents under our Christmas tree!

Joyeux Noel!
20 December 2019

Class 3 have had a busy week of poetry writing and French calendar making. Joyeux Noel!


Looking at Injustice in Class 1
19 December 2019


We looked at the toilet twinning project and how important it was to have good sanitation in place in order to stop people from becoming ill. The children realised that this has a huge impact on children’s lives and how being healthy meant they were able to attend school and access an education.

Children thought that it wasn’t fair that parents had to choose between paying medical bills or or school fees. They were intrigued by some of the simple toilet huts that were being constructed in villages and how they were able to use materials available to them.

Christingle and Certificate Assembly
19 December 2019

We have been busy making Christingles from oranges for our church service.

The pupils have been able to say what each element represents.

The orange represents the world, which God made, the candle is the light of Christ, the red ribbon represents the blood of Christ, the cocktail sticks represent the four seasons and the sweets all the good things that God gives to us.


In our church service, we also celebrated pupils’ achievements in Reading, Writing, Maths and Sports.

Certificates were also given to pupils who continually display our school values.

Well done to all of our pupils who have worked so hard this year.

Christmas Festivities
18 December 2019

The Christmas festivities are well under way with glittery card making, Christmas card deliveries and a fantastic lunch made by our chef Jess. A huge thank you to Jess who cooks us tasty, nutritious food daily. The food was delicious and of course, no Christmas meal is complete without festive hats too!

Collective Worship - The Christmas Tree
17 December 2019

In collective worship this week, Anne-Marie from the ICE Team told us about the significance of the Christmas tree. We were told about the meaning of the star on top and that it reminds us of the star of Bethlehem.  We also found out about the meaning of the lights – to represent the light of GOD and that the baubles represent the gifts that Jesus was given.

We enjoyed seeing one of our classmates becoming the Christmas tree!

Christmas Jumper Day!
16 December 2019

On Friday 13 December 2019, we joined with millions of others across the country to wear a Christmas jumper to raise money for Save the Children.  As a school we raised £50.63, this will help towards changing the futures of many children across the world.

Well done everyone, you all looked fabulous!

Shine Star, Shine
13 December 2019

The children really did shine in their production of Shine, Star Shine last night!

Class 1 did an amazing job at telling the story of the star who could not shine and were supported fantastically well by the rest of the school, who were their choir.

Thank you to all those who came along to Church last night to support us.  The retiring collection raised £60.04 for church funds.  A special thank you to Rev. Nigel, Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Luke for their support.

Class 3 Injustice Reflection Space
11 December 2019

As part of our ethos morning, Class 3 thought about injustice.  We thought carefully about the meaning of injustice and where we might see injustice in our society and in other societies around the world.  In particular, we looked at homelessness and the plight of street children.  We thought about how the homeless may feel and then wrote prayers and poems for our class reflection space.

We also researched charities that help street children.  We discovered that ‘Save the Children’ work tirelessly to find safe and secure homes for those children who find themselves leaving on the streets.  We will be contributing to this work by donating a £1 to wear a Christmas jumper on Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 13th December.

Snow White
11 December 2019

The whole school enjoyed a fantastic, humorous production of Snow White at The Corn Exchange Theatre in Exeter. There were lots of laughs, oh yes there were! Two of our pupils bravely performed a silly dance on stage with some of the cast. What a lovely way to start our school Christmas festivities.