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Thank You!
4 November 2020

A massive well done to all the children that entered the PTFA pumpkin carving competition, we had some fabulous entries.  We have raised £27 from entries and a further £28 so far by the text service.

The pumpkins are still on display outside of the school gate, if you get a chance to have a look.

A Very Big Thank You to Bridge Books
2 November 2020

We are very lucky to have had a great selection of books donated to our school library.

The fabulous books have been gifted to us by Bridge Books of Exeter who stock a large range of Christian books, resources and gifts.

Our pupils will have much pleasure in reading and admiring the beautifully illustrated books.

A very big thank you Bridge Books!

Covid Online Learning - W/B 02/11/20
2 November 2020
Update from Executive Headteacher, Mrs Gray
2 November 2020

Update from the Executive Headteacher 2/11/20

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. We are very much looking forward to continuing to stay open despite the impending second lockdown. We will continue to be organised into ‘bubbles’ and we will regularly encourage your children to wash their hands. Pupils will have their own sets of resources and we will clean any shared resources at the end of each session, quarantining anything that will be shared with another bubble for 72 hours.

If your child needs to stay off school due to symptoms or having to self isolate please could they do the home learning activities that we have set. These closely match the objectives we will be covering in class that day so working on these at home will support your child to keep on track with the rest of the class. The activities are located on this website on the ‘Parent’ tab followed by the ‘Home Learning’ tab.

I hope you have all had a lovely half term break. Keep safe.

Katie Gray

Executive Headteacher

PTFA Pumpkin Carving Display
1 November 2020

Online Safety Newsletter for Parents
23 October 2020

Please read the latest online safety newsletter – see below.

OLS Newsletter for Parents Oct 2020

A Message from Mrs Milford
23 October 2020

Dear Parents /Carers,

Thank you for your support during this first half term back in school.  As you know we have had to make many changes to our routines and systems, and we appreciate all of your help and support with this.  The children have adapted brilliantly well and it has been lovely seeing all of their learning from this half term.

Teachers really enjoyed catching up with you during the parent’s evenings and although this could not be a face-to-face meeting, I am glad that you were still able to touch base with your child’s class teacher. We appreciate that it can be difficult to catch up with teachers at the moment, so please do feel free to use the admin email account so messages can be passed on for you.


I would like to wish you all a lovely half term break and I look forward to seeing you back after the holidays.

Mrs Milford – Head of Learning

Send a Cow Activities in Class 2
22 October 2020

Class two enjoyed creating superhero masks as part of the Send a Cow activities. They created superheroes such as ‘sun and rain’ so that there was always the most perfect weather for growing food and ‘water’ superhero who always made sure that people had clean water to drink no matter where they lived.

Harvest in Class 2
22 October 2020
Class 2 wrote poems to celebrate Harvest, we shared our poems with each other.
Here are a couple of poems that we wrote:

Happy farmers harvest healthy food for everyone

Apples, juicy and ripe are harvested for you and me

Rain sent by God helps the soft plants to grow

Vegetables have started to become leafy greens

Everyone is hungrily eating apple pie

Sizzling soup made from vegetables

Tasty apples from the tree

By Sydney

Happy, helpful farmers gathering the golden swaying corn

Apples are crunchy, apples are sweet, so sweet to eat that they are a fantastic treat

Red, ripe radishes ready to eat, they are very nice and a healthy treat

Vegetables in a sauce, oh so colourful and bright, so thank you God with all our might

Eggs are white and delicious, eggs are good for a feast. I like everyone happily eating, a nice big bit of juicy meat.

Sizzling sausages in a pan, slimy salami stacked up high, way up high in the sky

Tractors helping to harvest golden crops. Thank you God for all of us and for all the food.

By Tessa

Dance Workshops
22 October 2020

Class 1 enjoyed a fantastic dance workshop today with School Sports Co-o-coordinator, Becky Mason, from Dartmoor Schools Sport Partnership.

They were able to learn a dance routine and put all the parts of the dance together to perform to each other.  There were some great moves from Class 1.

Class 3 also enjoyed learning about how to travel in different ways and making up their own dance phrases.