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September 2020
9 July 2020

Please read the letter below from Mrs Gray & Mrs Milford about plans for September.

September 2020

Mental Health - Year 6 Transition Booklet
8 July 2020

Please find attached a transition booklet for Year 6’s. It is a mixture of practical ideas, tips on how to look after your mental health and ideas for parents to try out with the children.

Transition booklet

ICE Blog Website
8 July 2020

Here is a link to the ICE team’s blog, which has lots of prayer space activities – under ‘Make Space’ and there are also some downloadable reflective worksheets to have a go at.

Why not have a look at what they have to offer?


Examples of Home Learning
7 July 2020

Well done Olivia for all your effort with writing your poem and your illustration this week.

A couple of weeks ago Olivia and Henry started the tomato experiment and they both took a seed from the tomatoes they cut open to look at and are very pleased with how they have grown.  They are going to move their tomato plants to larger pots.

Henry has also been painting and practicing writing his name.  A massive well done to the both of you!

P.E Activities to Try at Home
6 July 2020

Click on the link and have a go at some of the activities…

Activity at Home and School Primary 6.7.20

Home Learning Activities - Famous & Significant People W/B 06/07
6 July 2020

Your new home learning theme is all about famous and significant people.  You will learn about some famous people who have transformed the way we live and think about the world.

We look forward to seeing some of the results of your hard work – please remember to send anything you are proud of to admin@woodbury-salterton.devon.sch.uk

Please click on the links below for this week’s activities…


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Years 4 and 5

Year 6



Welcome to our New Families!
3 July 2020

A very warm welcome to our new families joining us in September.

Please click on the link below to see some of the things that make our school a special place to be.  It also gives you an idea of all the lovely things your child will be experiencing when they start school in September.

Welcome to our new families –  Sept 2020

Fantastic Examples of Home Learning
3 July 2020

We have had some great examples of home learning sent into us this week.  Evie has done some excellent writing about WWII, Elanor has been working hard on researching Amelia Earhart and conducting a traffic survey and Ivy has also conducted a traffic survey.

We know it must be getting harder to stay motivated but you are all doing a great job and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Blue Bubble
3 July 2020

Blue Bubble have enjoyed another productive week. We listened to the story of Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road, written and illustrated by Quentin Blake. We then sketched cars in the style of Quentin Blake, used fine liners for black outlines and then applied watercolour paint. We have very talented illustrators, one who is only four years old!

We made a maze for a woodlouse and observed him on his challenging journey. He was very clever and reached the end!

We also studied our woodlouse to see which colour he preferred. We counted how long he stayed on each colour. His favourite colour was purple!

Collective Worship at Home - 03/07
3 July 2020

Friday 3rd July

We have gathered together to worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and to think about the Parable of the Two Men in the Temple.

Today we are thinking about the value of peace.

God does not see as humans see. Humans look at outward appearances, but the Lord looks into the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7 ( New English Bible)

This is what God said to the prophet Samuel as he was choosing who should be the new king of Israel.

What do you think the words mean?



In our poem today, we will be hearing about Ethan and Jacob. They lived during a time when the Romans were an occupying army in Israel. The Romans ruled over the Jews. Jewish people who worked for the Romans were hated by their own community and seen as traitors.

Ethan was a Pharisee which means that he was an expert in Jewish law. He went to the Temple every day and performed all the ceremonies at just the right times. He kept the religious law in minute detail and was very proud of himself.

Jacob was also a Jew. But he worked for the Romans, collecting taxes on their behalf. He was seen as a traitor by his own people, especially the Pharisees. He was hated and shunned.

In the poem that you are going to listen to, Ethan and Jacob are going to the Temple to pray.


The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

By Anita Dobson

Ethan the Pharisee thinks he’s such a good man,

And he wants the world to know.

He’s so puffed up with all his plans

He can hardly see his toes!


I’m sure that God listens to all my prayers,

I’m always there to serve,

I know he’ll forgive my small mistakes

And give me what I deserve.



Jacob the tax man is on his knees,

He longs to let God in.

“Oh Lord have mercy on me,” he cries,

“My life is full of sin.”


The Pharisee stands so tall and proud,

His gaze is always down,

He sneers at the little man kneeling there

And gives him a pitying frown.


I’m sure as I do my duty each day

God hears my every word

But who will care for the likes of him,

He’ll get his just reward!


The tax man’s prayers were heard that day

So humble and not so loud

For God comes close to the ones who are meek

And turns away from the proud.



Remember the verse from the book of Samuel, that we thought about at the start of our worship, and the poem that we just heard.

God does not see as humans see. Humans look at outward appearances, but the Lord looks into the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7 ( New English Bible)


What would God have seen as he looked into the heart of Ethan, the Pharisee?

What would God have seen in the heart of Jacob, the tax collector?



Jesus told the parable of the two men in the temple to people who were sure of their own goodness and looked down on everyone else.

Perhaps we can also sometimes think we are better than others.


As we say our prayer today, I would like you to join in with the repeated response, “Help us to see through your eyes” in the prayer.




Leader: Lord Jesus Christ

When we are tempted to look down on others

ALL: Hep us to see through your eyes.


Leader: When we are tempted to judge people by their appearance

All: Help us to see through your eyes.


Leader: When we put ourselves before everyone else.

All: Help us to see through your eyes.


Leader: And in all that you do, may we,

Know you more clearly,

Follow you more nearly and

Love you more dearly every day.

ALL: Amen

Now we will listen to and join in, if you want to the hymn ‘Here I am to worship.’