Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Latest News

Rocks and Relics
4 February 2020

The children in class Two love their new topic of Rocks, Relics and Rumbles. We have seen some fantastic pieces of home learning being brought into school to be shared and celebrated. Thank you parents for supporting your children with this!

Class 2 Reflection Space
4 February 2020

Class Two have been finding out about what is happening in the world around them. They have read some newspaper articles about the Corona virus, the Australian bushfires and people who suffer with anxiety and depression. They have sat quietly, thought about these events and written either a prayer or a response to explain how they are feeling in our reflection space.

Mental Health Awareness
4 February 2020

Class 2 enjoy watching Newsround each day and finding out what is happening in the world. Today they found out that Katie Thistleton has struggled with anxiety and depression in the past. In the clip Katie described what anxiety feels like and how important it is to be brave and tell somebody how you are feeling.

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and each day Class Two will be focussing on one of the ’10 a day choices towards balancing our mental health’. Today the class choose number 5: to keep active in body and mind.

Art - I.D Portraits
4 February 2020

Following our theme of Identity, Class 3 have produced some stunning artwork. We began by looking at our own facial features then sketching them in the correct proportions. We then created a half self- portrait using chalk and charcoal in the style of realism. We compared this style to the exaggerated cubist style of Artist Picasso and created the other half of our self-portrait in an abstract style.

We evaluated our finished artwork and talked about how our images portrayed our unique, individual identities.

Art - Creation Station Portraits
4 February 2020

Creation Station worked with Class 3 on our theme of Identity. Each pupil produced a unique portrait in a collage style using and mixing textures and materials.

Science - Fingerprints in Class 3
4 February 2020

We have been looking at our fingerprints in Science and the three types of patterns they have; whorl, arch and loop. We realised that although they can be classified by type, everybody has unique fingerprints.

Life Exhibition - The Life of Jesus
4 February 2020

Years 5 & 6 visited Belmont Chapel, in Exeter to explore the life of Jesus Christ and why Christians believe he is so special, through the LIFE Exhibition presented by the ICE Team.

They visited four zones where they were able to consider the historic and prophetic roots of Jesus, Jesus’ teaching, the miracles of Jesus and finally the what have we learned about Jesus.

The children really enjoyed taking part in the zones and using the interactive activities to explore the life of Jesus.

Working with City Community Trust
4 February 2020

Class 3 are excited to be working with City Community Trust to promote healthy, active lifestyles. We have been learning about the benefits of daily exercise and the positive impact it can have on our physical bodies and our mental health. We have classroom based activities before we use our outdoor space for energetic football games and fun exercises.

Science in Class 3 -Identity
4 February 2020

In Science we are studying the theme of Identity. We have been measure our hand spans, our feet and other body spans. We collected our data then analysed our results to see if what relationships we could find between measurements. Year 6 also looked if gender had an impact on measurement.

Celebration Assembly 10/01
4 February 2020

Well done to all our Stars of the Week and those children who have completed commendation cards this week.