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Fantastic Home Learning Linked to Class Theme
16 October 2020

Some more, fabulous examples of home learning from Class 3 based upon our studies of the Titanic. We love to see your inspired home learning!

Telegrams in Class 3
15 October 2020

Class 3 has been sailing on the Titanic today – before the iceberg arrived! We have been exploring the differences for first and third class passengers, and thinking about how different passengers might have felt aboard the luxury ship. This afternoon, we sent telegrams home and were fascinated to hear about long-distance communication pre-Internet!

Class 2 Bubble Collective Worship
15 October 2020

This week in collective worship, the children have been talking about times when they are feeling thankful. On Wednesday, they wrote thank you prayers to God, thanking him for the food that we have to eat.

Writing Stories in Class 2
15 October 2020

Children in Class 2 wrote a story about their ‘little friend’ based on the book by ‘My Favourite Game’ by Harriet Muncaster. They have presented their stories as storybooks.

Will You Help Our Village Church?
14 October 2020


Like many other charities, our village church has had a significant reduction in income as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the expenses have continued to come in and recent surveys of the fabric of the building have uncovered work that needs to be done on the lightning conductors, the roof and crumbling masonry amongst other things. Despite the building being closed for most of the time, the church community has been there to help the vulnerable and needy in the village.         If you would like to support our church and help financially to protect the fabric of the building for future generations please contact the PCC Treasurer, Nigel Dupain, for details. Single donations or regular giving would be very gratefully received and can be restricted to building repairs if you wish.  Completion of a Gift Aid form would mean that we could claim a further 25% of your gift from the government without any cost to you or the church.

Bank details: 30-93-14, 02863238.

Contact details: Nigel Dupain, Little Cannonwalls, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter, EX5 1PY.

dupain@hotmail.co.uk  or phone 01395 232953.

November's Church News
14 October 2020



We are now back to our normal pattern of Church Services and getting accustomed to wearing masks, sitting spaced out, sanitising hands and recording names on entry. The congregation are still not permitted to sing the hymns but the choir may do so and make a welcome contribution to services – good to have some music again.

We have another innovation in that we have a machine so offerings at services can be made using your mobile phone!

CHURCH QUIZ.  The annual church quiz, entitled Britain in Bloom has been selling well – £2 per copy for church funds .Copies can be obtained from Katharine Wheeler.  There is a £10 prize and entries do not have to be in until January 10th 2021.


Members of the School Ethos Committee, under the direction of Mrs. Milford, have been helping the church by selling some of Mrs. Wheeler’s knitted items, nurse dolls, koala bears and octopuses, in their school classrooms.  Knitted items are usually sold on the church cake stalls at school, which of course cannot be held under the present circumstances, so the school offered to sell some in school.

Thanks to Teagan, Sienna, Henry, Luca, Dylan and Charlie for helping the church in this way.

Alice Rooke is taking her Duke of Edinburgh award and for her public service has helped on the church, coffee mornings held outdoors until the weather changed and continues to clean the church every week. Thank you Alice.


On October 10th, the Woodbury Salterton Resilience Group, working with the Parish Council, again undertook a stream clearance to clear undergrowth and debris along the Village Stream [the Grindle Brook] downstream from Trevanin Farm to Honey Bridge. This is the fifth annual event to help alleviate flooding. There was an excellent response to the appeal for volunteers and fortunately, they had a dry and sunny morning.

Thanks to names having to be recorded for Track and Trace [Covid 19] we are able to thank them all by name – – Steve Mearing, Amber Arnold, Richard Cullen, Charlie Olney, Martin Clarke, Barry Bolt, Chris Isaac, Frank and Anne Mulholland, Anne Baker, Tom Buxton Smith, Simon Andrews, Nigel Edwards, Dan, Jenna, Pete and Ellie from the Diggers’ Rest, Pat Bricknell, Nigel Batten, Finn and Geoff and Debbie Jung.  A special mention of Louise Kelly and Aidan Farell who came to help although they had only moved into the village a few days before. Good community spirit all round.

The total weight of undergrowth removed came to 12 cwt.!



Art in Class 3
13 October 2020
We have developed our polar skyscapes by adding an arctic landscape. We looked at how perspective can be achieved by creating a foreground, mid-ground and a background. We added typography to our images. They are looking great so far!
Covid Online Learning - WB 12.10
12 October 2020

If your child is ill due to Covid-19 or has to self-isolate, please use the resources below to support learning.  Paper copies of the activities can be collected from school.

Rec and Nursery WB 12.10

Year 1 WB 12.10

Class 2 WB 12.10

Class 3 WB 12.10

Celebration Assemblies - 09/10
9 October 2020

Well done to all of this week’s Stars of the Week, who received their trophies during ‘Bubble’ Celebration Assemblies.  Well done for all your hard work in school this week.

Mental Health Day
9 October 2020

The children came to school dressed in yellow and brightly coloured clothes in support of young people’s mental health. Throughout the day, they spoke about the different emotions they feel and the importance of looking after their mental health. They created their own superheroes with the powers of Love, Friendship, Hydration, Health and Happiness.