Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Latest News

Homework in Class 3
26 November 2019

Inspired by our Design and Technology work designing lighthouses, a pupil from Class 3 has made a super model lighthouse as part of her home learning.

Vision Week - Class 2 Talent Show
25 November 2019

The children of class two are very talented. They shared their talents with the rest of the class during our class talent show on Thursday afternoon. The children showed what good dancers and singers they are and what fantastic basketball and diablo skills they have. They shared stories they had written as well as performing magic tricks and counting to ten in Korean!

Vision Week in Nursery
25 November 2019

Nursery children have been busy thinking about who they love and then had fun cutting and sticking to make these lovely heart shaped stained glass windows.

Celebration Assembly -22/11
25 November 2019

A huge well done to all our stars of the week and those children who completed commendation cards!

Fire Safety Visit
25 November 2019

Class Two had a fantastic visit from Nick the firefighter who told them ways in which they should keep themselves safe from both fire and from being burnt by hot water and electrical appliances.

Vision Week - Talents in Class 1
22 November 2019

As part of our Vision week activities Class 1 held a Talents and Interests afternoon. We truly have some very talented children in Class 1. We heard about all sorts of achievements and interests such as running, ballet, swimming, model-making, colouring, rugby and gymnastics. The children were able to talk about their subject area to the rest of the class and then answered questions from their peers. What inspiring children we have living life to the full!

Vision Week Assembly
21 November 2019

To round off our week of activities based around our new vision statement, we held a sharing assembly.  Each class were able to tell each other and their parents about the activities they had been involved in and how they had used their gifts to serve others.  We heard poetry, songs and inspirational quotes about living life to the full.  We were even able to offer flowers as gifts to those who are special to us.

Mrs Wheeler used her gifts to play the organ for us and Rev. Nigel came along to see the great work the children have been doing.

Year 6 then invited parents back to school for a coffee morning, where they were able to serve others.

We are really looking forward to seeing our new artwork in the playground, kindly paid for by the PTFA, which will help us to remember what our vision stands for.


Thank you to everyone who supported the children this week with the launch of our new school vision.

“Inspiring one another to live life to its fullest.”

John 10:10

Year 6 Cake Sale
21 November 2019

A huge thank you to Year 6 who have been making, baking and selling. We are pleased to announce we raised £49.92 at our cake sale. This gives us a grand fund raising total of £99.92!  We hope to twin a toilet very soon.

Thank you to everybody who has helped and donated towards this cause.

Class 3 Inspirational Quotes
20 November 2019

As part of our Vision Week, Class 3 have used nets to make beautifully decorated boxes. Each box contains an inspirational quote such as, “Never give up,” “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

Vision Week in Class 1
20 November 2019

Today in Class 1, we have been thinking about our gifts and talents and how we can use them to inspire others. We wrote lists and Charlie had the great idea that after writing our names in the star we should colour it yellow to look as if we were shining lights. We all agreed this was a great and inspiring suggestion!

We have talked about whom we love and how we can show love to family, friends, the wider community and our world. We then used the laptops to make family word-art pictures.

This afternoon Year 6 visited us with the imaginative toilet linked games they had made. The leaders were really kind and encouraging and we all had a great afternoon with lots of fun and laughter. I am not sure which game they preferred – Name the Poo? Guess the sheets of toilet paper in the jar, Pin the Flush on the Loo! Or Loo Roll Skittles. Thank you, Year 6 for an enjoyable session.