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Computing class
16 January 2015

Year 6 and their buddies shared a computing class today and learned how to access the Internet and our maths programme RM online. They all enjoyed working together.

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Class 4 Gym Sequences
15 January 2015

Class 4 completed their gym sequences today and performed some excellent balances, jumps and rolls. They showed control and worked hard to improve their skills.

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Bonne Année 2015
12 January 2015

To celebrate the French tradition of Epiphany on 6th January, Class 4 celebrated with a traditional ‘galette des rois’ or ‘cake of kings’, to mark the arrival of the wise men in Bethlehem.

Rather like a sixpence in a Christmas pudding, a charm or figurine is hidden in the cake. The finder of the charm is crowned King or Queen, and this will bring them good luck in the year to follow.

Our lucky finders were Queen Amelia and King Sam! Jacob was very pleased to find that ‘galette des rois’ is one of the few French foods that he likes!

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Christmas Hats
18 December 2014

Mr Carkett and Mrs Sommers were made hats by their classes for Christmas lunch!


Jack and the Beanstalk
18 December 2014

Naomi went onto the stage when we went to see the very funny Jack and the Beanstalk. She bravely sang part of a song in front of everyone.


Christmas Cards
18 December 2014

Some of our year 6 buddies were presented lovely Christmas cards by class 1. Year 6 and class 1 are very proud to have their buddies now and will stay special friends all year!

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George's Marvellous Medicine
12 December 2014

Class 4 had a fabulous time at the Northcott theatre on Wednesday when they went to see George’s Marvellous Medicine. We all laughed all the way through but especially when Grandma grew so big that she burst through the roof! A big thank you to Mrs Broomby, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Taylor who helped keep our costs down by transporting the class to the theatre.


Roman Shields
28 November 2014

Class 4 have made some fabulous Roman shields for their homework as part of our topic. We will be using the shields in a battle. Mrs Sommers is very proud of all your hard work!

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Cl4 Coding
28 November 2014

Class 4 have been completing their hour of code. Sam and Max made sequences of code and were using loops and repetition to send angry bird characters around a maze. They had to de bug their code along to way to improve the programming! Well done boys!

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Cross Country Race
27 November 2014

Well done to the year 3 & 4 girls who showed true team spirit and sportsmanship in the cross country race at Bicton college last week.
They came 5th out of 13 schools and although they didn’t qualify for the Devon trials, they were hugely congratulated for their efforts.

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