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Red Nose Day
28 March 2013

We made red nose hats with repeating patterns.

rednose1red nose 2rednose 3

What a Waste Competition
28 March 2013

The children have come up with some fantastic inventions for new gadgets which could be made from recycled or reusuable materials. Well done to all those who have worked so hard and to those who went on to make models of their ideas.

The following children’s entries will be sent through to the National Competition – Ethan, Katie, Oliver C.,William O.,William T.,Daniel, Abi. Their ideas included a recycled brick machine, plastic guttering made using old plastic bottles and a Wormarater to produce energy!! We must now wait to hear if any of our entries are selected as winners.



National Science Week
28 March 2013

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Tom and Emily’s Dad who came to talk to us about the science and engineering involved in his job with aeroplanes.
The children were able to hold pieces of metal from an aeroplane’s wing that had been mended using special techniques. They were also able to find out about how the wings on  the plane can change shape to help get the plane off the ground and fly at their optimum speed.

Many thanks to Mr Johnson for his time.


World Book Day
8 March 2013

On Friday 8th March Woodbury Salterton school all dressed up as book characters to help celebrate World Book Day.

Each child in the school was also given a £1.00 book voucher to purchase one of the special 2013 £1.00 books.



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Comic Making
1 March 2013

On Thursday, years 4, 5 and 6 were treated to an exciting day of comic making and cartoon-drawing techniques. Mr Kev Sutherland was a very funny and jolly character who enthused the children with his amazing drawings and story telling abilities. Each child was able to take a caricature of themselves away at the end of the day and all children contributed to making a class comic strip. A big thank you should go to the efforts of the PTA who have funded this valuable experience for our children.

Comic man and fairtrade 012

Fair Trade Conference
1 March 2013

This morning the year 6 children visited the Exmouth Community College to attend a conference about Fair Trade. They learned all about the benefits of Fair trading and how it can effect the families of coffee growers and workers.
They met Oscar from Peru who is a producer of Coffee and the President of the Co-operative in his area. The children were extremely well behaved and asked some excellent questions. Well done for representing our school so well yet again.

Comic man and fairtrade 030


Class 4 Art
7 February 2013

Class 4 have been looking at the work of landscape artists. They took photographs of landscapes then repeated the image in the style of famous landscape artists including Thomas Gainsborough, William Turner and David Hockney.

It looks like class 4 will soon become famous artists themselves!

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Class 2 Art
7 February 2013

Class 2 have been learning about Vikings. In art they have been looking at Viking patterns and have printed repeating patterns using printing blocks that they designed.

They have also made Viking helmets and look very fierce when wearing them.

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22 December 2012

We are always keen to welcome new children and their families to the school. If you would like to apply for a place for your child to start school in September 2013 please click this link:

Devon County Council Admissions – Apply Online

As a small village school we often attract families from outside the village and still have places available for those starting school in September 2013 as well as in some other year groups.

If you are interested in securing a place for your child or if you would you like to visit the school, please contact the school office on 01395 232649 or admin@woodbury-salterton.devon.sch.uk . You will be warmly welcomed by staff and pupils.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Mrs Louise Lowes (Headteacher)


School Fair - Find the bone
6 December 2012

The school council are working hard to come up with fundraising ideas for our efforts to raise £300 for Guide Dogs. Please look out for their stall, “Find the bone” at the school fair on Thursday. Bones can be bought for 50p each.

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