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Coldharbour Mill
7 November 2013

Class 3 were put through their Victorian paces on our recent trip to Coldharbour Mill. We stepped back in time to learn, through drama, about what working life was like for children in the Victorian era. It was a rich and very real learning experience comparing historical values to our own. There was quite a big sigh of relief when we escaped back to school! The Victorians were VERY strict. We also got to see the woolen mill machinery at work. To see the journey of wool from sheep to shop come and look at the display on the staircase.

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Sports Day
24 July 2013

Sports day was a great success. The house that won was Pipistrelle (red). Well done to Rhys for being team player of the year and winning the cup.

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Bicton Activity Trip
24 July 2013

Class 3 spent 3 days at Bicton trying out lots of different activities. The class had a wonderful time.

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East Devon School Leagues Football Finals
24 May 2013

On Tuesday Mrs  Sommers took our football team to the East Devon School Leagues Football Finals tournament in Otterton. The team did extremely well, in getting to the final. It was a very close match which they lost by a very small margin, on penalties. As usual all children represented the school excellently with their impeccable behaviour and support for fellow teams. Particular thanks go to Rhys, who demonstrated strong leadership skills in his role as captain, and to Tracey Neath for the fantastic support she gave to Mrs Sommers and the team.

Football photo

Ubuntu Gorilla Project
23 April 2013

I am delighted to announce that out of hundreds of school entries, the gorilla art competition was won by Paris, Class 4.

Paris has won a trip to Paignton Zoo for 40 pupils. We are hoping to take the whole school!

Paris was invited to the guildhall, Exeter to take part in a radio interview and received lots of praise for her design! Well done Paris!

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Easter Bonnet Competition
28 March 2013

Class 3 ran an Easter Bonnet Competition. Happy EasDSCF0660DSCF0661DSCF0663ter to everyone.





28 March 2013

The ladies and squires of Class One entertained Lady Woodbury on Wednesday afternoon. They held a banquet in her honour and in between courses they danced and entertained her ladyship. Later in the afternoon they demonstrated their jousting skills.

Lady Woodbury was so impressed with the squires skills and good manners that she knighted them before she left.


Book Week
28 March 2013

We have been enjoying shared reading sessions this week.

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Red Nose Day
28 March 2013

We made red nose hats with repeating patterns.

rednose1red nose 2rednose 3

What a Waste Competition
28 March 2013

The children have come up with some fantastic inventions for new gadgets which could be made from recycled or reusuable materials. Well done to all those who have worked so hard and to those who went on to make models of their ideas.

The following children’s entries will be sent through to the National Competition – Ethan, Katie, Oliver C.,William O.,William T.,Daniel, Abi. Their ideas included a recycled brick machine, plastic guttering made using old plastic bottles and a Wormarater to produce energy!! We must now wait to hear if any of our entries are selected as winners.