Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Joyeux Noel!
20 December 2019

Class 3 have had a busy week of poetry writing and French calendar making. Joyeux Noel!


Looking at Injustice in Class 1
19 December 2019


We looked at the toilet twinning project and how important it was to have good sanitation in place in order to stop people from becoming ill. The children realised that this has a huge impact on children’s lives and how being healthy meant they were able to attend school and access an education.

Children thought that it wasn’t fair that parents had to choose between paying medical bills or or school fees. They were intrigued by some of the simple toilet huts that were being constructed in villages and how they were able to use materials available to them.

Class 3 Design & Technology - Completed Lighthouses
9 December 2019

After much measuring, cutting, gluing, strengthening, designing templates and nets, our lighthouses were ready to be lit. Pupils constructed circuits with switches to enable their lighthouses to flash on and off. We then photographed them using our stormy seascapes as backdrops.

Class 2 - Making Puppets
2 December 2019

Class Two have been finding out about different puppets that are used around the world. They have looked carefully at what puppets are made of and how the materials are joined. They have learnt how to use the overstitch and the running stitch to join fabric. Watch this space to see what they will be designing and making!

Homework in Class 3
26 November 2019

Inspired by our Design and Technology work designing lighthouses, a pupil from Class 3 has made a super model lighthouse as part of her home learning.

Science in Class 3
15 November 2019

In Science, we have been testing the transparency of different materials. We needed a light source so some of us made electric circuits to light up a bulb.

Class 3 Science Homework
15 November 2019

In our last Science topic, we learned all about space and the position of the planets. We have had some fantastic representations by pupils who have worked hard at home on this interesting topic.

Lighthouse Prototypes
14 November 2019

Our lighthouses are progressing as we used nets to assemble our prototypes. We used our prototypes to think about any alterations or improvements we could make before we construct our final products. We thought about how to make a stable, rigid platform for our lamps to sit on inside the lighthouses. We also drew electric circuits and look forward to testing them out once our models are complete.

Class 1 Maths
14 November 2019

Class 1 have been busy looking at 2D shape in maths. They have been using properties of shape to help sort and name them correctly. The children were then able to use the shapes to make some fantastic shape pictures.

Ordnance Survey Maps
13 November 2019

In Geography we are learning about Ordnance Survey maps, co-ordinates and how to read a compass. We made a giant grid to help us understand grid references and map symbols.