Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Easter Rabbits
11 April 2020

Class 3 have been looking at detailed drawings of animals like the illustrations in “Animalium” the book we are studying in Literacy.

This inspired us to draw rabbits for Easter pictures as gifts for our families. We applied watercolour using techniques that really bring our Spring landscapes to life.

Thinking of You
19 March 2020

After hearing the news last night that, due to the corona-virus, people over 70 years are having to stay at home,  the children in Class One were talking about family members who are affected by this. They then started to think about their neighbours and the conversation led on to thinking about who our neighbours were. They decided they would like to make cards ‘and cover them with flowers’ for some of the elderly residents in the village. They decided that pressing the flowers would be best, but realising it would take a while for them to be ready to use, they agreed to make their pictures and laminate them.  Together they wrote a lovely message to go inside   Mrs Wheeler was given the cards, which she was able to arrange for them to be delivered.

Class 2 Visit To Charmouth
16 March 2020

Class 2 went on a school trip to Charmouth on Friday. Whist they were there they learnt about the local Jurassic Coastline, about different types of fossils and became palaeontologists when they went fossil hunting on the beach.

Science Week - Making Bread in Class 1
16 March 2020

Class 1 have been busy investigating how to make bread this week. They loved watching the yeast come alive, bubble and grow. They then mixed and made four rolls each, baking them for different times to find out the best time for the rolls to be in the oven. The classroom smelt delicious. It was great to watch the children use their scientific observation skills and hearing them talk about what they have discovered using scientific language.

Art in Class 3 -Flowers for Playground Cross
13 March 2020

We have been looking at some beautiful spring flowers and made observational drawings of them. We then applied watercolour so that the detail showed through the paint.

We look forward to decorating the cross next to our prayer trellis with our artwork in readiness for some sunny spring weather!

Science Week in Class 1
12 March 2020

Class One really enjoyed putting on their lab coats and being coastal creature scientist. They looked carefully at the creatures and discovered how the mackerel, squid and lantern fish have special features to help them survive in the sea. They have learned lots of new scientific words today as well some interesting facts.

Science Week in Class 2
11 March 2020

Class Two have started Science week with an explosion!

As part of their learning on Rocks, Rumbles and Relics, they have been busy making volcanic explosions. After watching a demo, the children came up with their own scientific questions that they wanted to investigate such as – If we add more vinegar will the explosion be bigger?

They then wrote a prediction, and carefully planned their experiment so that everything stayed the same except for the one item that they changed.

It was lovely to watch the budding young scientists work as a team and to be so enthusiastic in their learning as they investigated their questions and developed their scientific skills.

Science & Technology in Class 1 - Bread
9 March 2020

In Science and Technology Class 1 are learning all about Bread, so far they have investigated the different ingredients, tasted lots of different types of bread and made their own butter. The nursery children have also had fun playing with dry and then wet flour. We are looking forward to making our own bread over the next couple of weeks.

World Book Day in Class 3
8 March 2020

Class 3 worked in teams to write nouns, adjectives and determiners based on animals to compliment the book called “Animalium” which we are studying for our theme of Identity.

We had to randomly select a determiner, an adjective and a noun and decide if the phrase made sense.

Art & Design in Class 3
8 March 2020

Inspired by our theme of Identity, Class 3 have been busy using their sewing skills to design and create mini figurines. Fabrics, materials and a variety of textures were chosen to make clothing, hair and accessories. Each “Mini Me” contains a little pocket in which we can keep our worries.

We talked about how each Mini Me is unique and has its own identity, just like us!