Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Class 3 - Thy Kingdom Come
8 June 2019

To celebrate “Thy Kingdom Come” week, Class 3 have written some beautiful, thoughtful prayers to their friends and families. We then went to Forest School to collect twigs to make natural looking frames to showcase their lovely prayers.

Thy Kingdom Come
7 June 2019

Thy Kingdom Come 2019 – a global wave of prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come invites people to grow in prayer – as individuals, in families, with friends, with others across the Diocese.

The children in Class Two have written prayers which include praying for others in the hope that the person that they are praying for and themselves will get to know God better. They have placed their prayers into a prayer box which they have made and decorated with six different places that they would like to say their prayer. Each day for 11 days they will say their prayer in as many different places as possible.

In Class 3, we had the opportunity for some quiet reflection time on the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. This is part of our ‘Thy Kingdom Come Week’ in school, where we are thinking about how we pray and communicate with God. A great opportunity for sharing and listening to others!

Year 1 Maths
6 June 2019

Year One children have been busy learning the value of digits in 2 digit numbers. They have made the numbers using a variety of equipment and placed them on a number line before writing the accompanying number sentence.

This half term's school value is 'Truthfulness'
3 June 2019

This half term we will be learning about truth and truthfulness and how important it is to tell the truth to each other. Once again we will be using an acrostic poem to help us explore this value.


Trustworthy words and actions

Respect for doing the right thing

Uncovering the full picture

Telling it as it is

Having all the facts

This half term’s family challenge is ‘Truth be Told’.  If you could ask a famous person (from history or alive today) to answer a question about themselves what would it be?

For example, An Olympic medal winner –  Have you ever been tempted to cheat? What made you decide that it was best to be honest?

Make a colourful question mark and write your question on it to take into school to display on your class RE working wall.

Making Tree Houses at Forest School
21 March 2019

Classes 2 and 3 have been busy designing and making miniature tree houses out of natural materials and string. Their houses had to be raised off the ground, consist of a ladder, veranda, roof and a doorway as part of the design. They were very creative; one even had a water slide as an extra feature!

Science Week visit to the zoo
17 March 2019

Class 1 enjoyed a trip to Paignton Zoo as part of Science Week in school. The children were able to investigate lots of different types of feet and think about how the animals move. A real shame the tigers and lions were not allowed out to play because of the high winds, but the children were able to see lots of other amazing animals. They had a really interesting talk in the Education Centre all about how animals skin helps them to hide in their environment. They learnt about prey and predators and who likes to gobble up which animals! They showed us some real animal skins which we were able to feel and there were lots of interesting skulls and bones to look at. What a interesting day!

Comic Relief
17 March 2019

Friday was Wear Something Red to School day and of course  several red nose were spotted too! As well as having fun, the children looked at ways money raised by Comic Relief events is used to support others. Class One decorated biscuits and  sold them at playtime. They proved so popular that Kiesha, Ella, Ellie and Brook spent some of their lunch break decorating more to sell after school. The school raised in total £88.80 of which £21.20 was from the biscuit sale. Thank you for all your donations.


Doing Lent Generously
3 March 2019

Once again this year, we’re encouraging everyone to take part in the daily 40 Acts challenge: 40 nudges in a generous direction.  Generosity rarely “just happens” – usually it has to be planned for. This Lent, we’ll start by laying the groundwork.  

Lent is usually about ‘giving stuff up’, isn’t it? What if you could add something transformational to the traditional? What if you could give up chocolate and give the money to your favourite charity? What if you could turn the TV off and spend more time helping your neighbour? What if Lent was a preparation for a lifetime of big-heartedness that reflected God’s amazing generosity? Well, that’s where 40acts comes in. Each day, we will be encouraging the whole school community to spread acts of generosity through simple daily acts of kindness.

Once again we are using an acrostic poem to help us…

Generosity is…

Encouraging the best in each other

Never selfish

Enjoying helping others

Raising support for a good cause

Offering what we can

Sharing our time and talents

Inviting someone to join in

Taking care of God’s creation for future generations

You first, me last.


Outdoor learning in Class 3 - an update
11 February 2019

Class 3 extended their topic work by creating volcanoes at Forest School this week. We experimented to see if we could get them to erupt. We had some explosive results! Thank you to Joanie for showing the class how your amazing home-made volcano erupted!

Chinese New Year in Class 1
11 February 2019

Class 1 have spent the week celebrating Chinese New Year. They have used their construction toys to build the Great Wall of China, had a go at Chinese writing on our chalk board and played with noddles and rice in the play tray. Each child made a paper dragon and a lantern before tasting some Chinese Food.

Elanor – ‘ Spring Rolls are my favourite.’

Charlie – ‘ I tried the rice, it was nice.’

Finley – ‘ I loved the noodles I ate loads.’

Alice – ‘ I’m going to carry my Fortune Cookie – it’s good luck.!’