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Our Learning

World War Two Poems
15 March 2017

Class 3 have shown great thought and feeling in our class poems, based on life in Britain in World War II. They chose their own theme (e.g. evacuation/bombing/soldiers in battle) and have produced some wonderfully sensitive work. Have a look at the Writing gallery section of the website for more examples.

World War 2 Visitor
11 March 2017

Class 3 had a very special visitor on Wednesday afternoon. Esme’s Grandad, Dr Carré, came to tell us all about life on the island of Jersey in World War 2. He shared many memories of the German occupation, including the rules which the islanders had to follow. He also told us about the childhood games he played, rationing and the things that people got up to behind the Germans’ backs. Class 3 were enthralled, and we would like to say a big ‘THANKYOU’ to Esme’s Grandad for kindly giving up his time, and helping us with our understanding of life in World War 2.

Forest School Starts!
9 February 2017

After a couple of years of running Forest School sessions off site, we’re delighted to be running our very own Forest School sessions at Woodbury Salterton! At our very first session of  Forest School some of the children in class 2 and 3 enjoyed exploring the site for bugs and different plant life. They also learned how to light a fire with flint and steel, which tested them all to keep going and persevere, and finished off with marshmallows of course!

Alex and Sam were so inspired they went home that  night and wrote in their scrapbook!

Great story writing in Class 1
27 January 2017

Class 1 have reading ‘On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy. They have been writing their own version of the story. Look at some of these examples by Jack and Nessia.

Chinese New year
27 January 2017

Class 1 were getting busy making Chinese dragons and noodles today as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. 新年快乐

Excellent Maths Investigations
27 January 2017

The children in Class 3 considered the ten top countries in the medal table winners for the 2012 during maths this week, considering whether thought thought the scoring system based on number of golds was fair. They noticed details and explored alternative scoring systems and the impact it would have on the medal order. Here what some of the children thought…

“I like it because it’s fun! I like investing and looking a bit deeper.” Tilly
“I think it’s fun because you get to do working out but you do it in fun way.” Tom
“It is work but it’s fun so it takes your mind off it!” Joe
“It makes you really think!” Lucie
“I like it because it’s real life!” LIbby
“I like to research facts and find out facts.” – Esme

Wintery Walk
20 January 2017

Class 1 took part in a wintery seasons walk around the village looking for signs of winter. The children liked the icy puddles and ‘skated’. The clear blue sky, crunchy grass, tiny snowdrops and crocuses made for a wonderful experience.

Programming starts here!
17 January 2017

The children in Class 1 are learning to programme a Beebot. The children worked hard to give a set of instructions to the programmable toy to complete an obstacle course. Even our nursery aged children had to go too!

Value of Courage a Focus this Term
10 January 2017

This term the children will be exploring the value of Courage which is already one the school’s core values. Once again, they will be using an acrostic poem.

Courage is…

Carrying on when things are difficult

Overcoming fear

Understanding and facing a challenge

Risking being out of your comfort zone

Always believing in God’s promises

Going for a goal

Empowered by encouragement

 Home values sheets, which are available from the website, offer a range of activities which you can explore as a family and  support the learning in this area, including this term’s Home-School Challenge.

Samba fun at school
29 November 2016
Class 2 and Class 3 each gave performances of two pieces they have been working on this term with Mrs Nelmes from Primary Music & Education. Based on the term’s focus of ‘rhythm’, the first piece was entirely composed of body percussion, with an added visual focus of movement. The body percussion pieces were based on a modern piece of music called ‘Connect It’, which can be found on the BBC ‘Ten Pieces’ website. The second piece for each class (our grand finale!) was a Brazilian samba composition, with children focusing on specific rhythms written for each instrument, and fitting them together alongside the other instruments. Listening skills were in abundance, alongside intense concentration, musicianship and a whole lot of enjoyment and enthusiasm! Children have also spent time looking at and trying to write formal rhythmic notation, a skill which will be developed further next term.
Some of the comments received from our audience:
My kids were very excited and often talk about music lessons at school.
Fantastic listening and watching to keep the rhythm.
Fantastic 🙂 Really looking forward to the next Class 3 performance.
Very enjoyable. Loved the rhythm and you all did really well. Look forward to the next one.
Very nice, showed lots of skills learned.
Fantastic! Loved the teamwork and the “spectacle”. The body percussion was lovely – great on the ears and eyes!
Great work, so proud. Glad I came along, it was fantastic to see what you have achieved 🙂
Was a very enjoyable afternoon and after so many years to see and hear something different. Thank you.
Lovely performance, we really enjoyed it. I know how much Joanie enjoys the choir and music, really nice to see her confidence grow! Many thanks.
Fantastic, lovely to see the children having fun while also learning. Thank you.
If you felt worried when you started, to us you didn’t look worried. You coped with it really well.
My daughter had “tickle bumps” last night – but all the children did brilliantly! I enjoyed watching their concentration and they kept in perfect rhythm. Especially the boys!
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