Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Poetry Competition
22 July 2016

Woodbury Salterton pupils were flying high on Saturday 16th July, with two successful entries in the ‘Exeter City Futures  – Visions of the Future’ poetry competition. Henry Perry in Year 6 was chosen for his poem Qs, which the judging panel found  to be, ‘Insightful and amusing in equal measure!’ Class 2 entered a group poem called Exeter Ten, which the judging panel said was ‘wonderfully evocative and thoughtful!’ Both poems were on display over the weekend in Exeter city centre, as part of the Visions of the Future festival.

How exciting to see people stopping to read and discuss our poems. Well done everyone – what great ambassadors for our school!

History of the village and school
24 June 2016

Class 2 have been uncovering lots of facts about what our school and village were like during the past 100 years. We have used many sources for our research, including the old school log, local history websites and the churchyard. Darcie’s Grandma was a pupil here in the late 1950s and early 1960s. We were very lucky because she came in to be interviewed about her school days. The school was very different and she told us lots of amazing things, like how they all had free milk, they all sat at their own desk and their only school trips were to Exmouth. Apparently the teachers were very strict and parents weren’t allowed in! We shall be completing our studies with a tour of the village with the Local History Society.


Easter Cards
24 March 2016

Class 2 have been making beautiful Easter cards.

Easter cards

Roman Pots
24 March 2016

Class 2 have been painting the lovely Roman pots they have made from clay.

clay pots

Class 2 Job Centre
21 January 2016

Class 2 polished up their job application skills on Monday, when they applied to the Woodbury Salterton Job Centre for positions in the classroom.

Alex’s application said that he would like to be ‘register monitor’ because he is fit from all his sports training, which will help him to go up and down the stairs to the office.

Daisy applied for the position of ‘pencil pot monitor’ because she likes organising things and keeping the classroom tidy.

The most popular position was laptop monitor, even though that doesn’t mean that you get to play computer games all day!

Well done, Class 2! You were all very good candidates for our classroom jobs, and I hope that you are all happy in your new roles for the term.

Class 2 Job Centre


Staying Safe Sessions
14 January 2016

All classes had a very informative visit from Devon Fire and Rescue. The children learnt lots of important safety tips not only about fire but also about other emergency services.

Libby – I was amazed to hear a fire fighter had rescued a horse from a swimming pool.

Bethany – I learnt that it is really important to have smoke alarms in your house and check them regularly.

Sam – If there is a fire in your house you must get out, stay out and then call 999.

James – You must not go back into your house to get your pets as the Fire fighters will go back in to rescue them.

Alani – It was fun and really useful to act out making and receiving emergency calls.

Fire fighter visit     class 2 firefighters


Advent Wreaths
10 December 2015

Class 1 have been learning what the candles on an Advent wreath represent. They made their own alternative Advent wreaths and had a lighting up ceremony.

RE Workshop
8 December 2015

Class 2 enjoyed a lovely, spiritual afternoon R.E workshop with Anne-Marie and Sally from ICE.

Jonathan – We learned about Christianity and how to celebrate Christmas.

Dylan – I was interested to learn how Christianity began.

Samara – It was fun learning about the meaning of Christmas.

The Class had prepared some very thoughtful questions about Christianity which they challenged our guests with!


Wartime Shortbread
20 November 2015

Class 3 have been baking Wartime Shortbread in D&T as part of their learning about World Wars 1 and 2. Bethany baked her shortbread at home and brought it in for the staff to try. It was delicious!

Anti bullying Week
19 November 2015

Please find attached 3 poems that some children wrote about “No Bullying” today for part of Anti-bullying week.