Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Class 2 Visit to Holy Trinity Church
4 March 2020

Class Two enjoyed a trip to the Church today to spot signs of the Easter story. Reverend Nigel led the visit and retold parts of the Easter story, explaining the significance of each part to the children.  Did you know that the front of every Church and the altar inside is always facing to the west? Can you find out why?

Literacy in Class 3
3 March 2020

Class 3 have been exploring the book Animalium – a ‘museum’ of animals. They presented their thoughts and ideas to the class in small groups. Next, they will create a page of their own to add to the museum!

Shrove Tuesday
2 March 2020

This week we have been thinking about Shrove Tuesday and Lent and learnt why Christians  eat pancakes. We then had fun making pancakes and once they were cooked sprinkling them with lemon and sugar and eating them. Yum! Yum! We then were very busy writing pancake recipes.

Class 1 Reflection Space
2 March 2020

In Class One, we have been thinking about the message Jesus gave us to ‘Love our neighbours.’  We have thought about who our neighbours are and have some written prayers about them.

27 February 2020

Class Two have acted out parts of the Easter Story today and have considered how the different people would have been feeling at different times during the events of Holy Week.

Learning about the Eucharist
26 February 2020

Rev. Nigel visited us to talk to Year 6 about The Eucharist. We learned about what happened at The Last Supper and how we can take Holy Communion in church. We learned about the symbolism of eating bread and drinking wine in memory of Jesus.

Science in Class 2 - Investigating Sand
25 February 2020

Thank you to Mr & Mrs Rorke for providing different sand samples for the children to investigate today in science. The children in Class Two enjoyed using hand lenses to carefully observe what the different sand samples were made up of.

25 February 2020

Creation Station worked with years 4 & 5 on our collective worship theme of HOPE.  The children thought about the hopes they have for the future and created time capsules to keep them in.  The time capsules were then collected together to create a mobile that we have hanging in our classroom.

Wonderstruck Science Day
24 February 2020
This week Woodbury Salterton School were lucky enough to win a day of Science fun with Wonderstruck. As a small rural school we were able to enter a competition with them and were excited to hear that we had won.
Peter started the day off by showing us some amazing science tricks including shooting rockets, exploding rice Krispies and propelling a four-wheeled vehicle carrying one of the children along the village hall floor.
The children then built their own rockets in small teams  which we tested in the Glebe field. Some went so far they had to be retrieved from the next field! Later the children were able to use kits to build wheeled go-karts propelled by motors. We finished the day by holding a competition to see whose was the fastest.
We had a fantastic day and the children have had an great insight into how important the STEM subjects can be in answering questions and developing new ideas.
Exeter City in the Community
13 February 2020

Years 4 and 5 have been working with a coach form Exeter City in the Community to develop their football skills and to learn about the importance of exercise and nutrition.  Today they completed their course and received congratulations certificates.