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Woodbury News Christmas Cover Winner
19 November 2015

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Woodbury News Christmas magazine cover is Jack who drew a lovely picture of a snowman with a reindeer. Esme was runner up and both children were presented with Book Tokens from Sue Bury and Val Arnt from Woodbury News. More of our talented artists were Highly Commended too . Well done to Tilly, Katie, Poppy, James and Jasmine.

Remembrance Service
12 November 2015

Years 5 and 6 led our remembrance service today, telling the rest of the school all about the reasons we mark this day. We learned about the significance of the colours in the poppy and why they grew so easily in Flanders Field. They led our 2 minutes silence and then Tilly explained how she made her beautiful ceramic poppies for her home learning. Mrs Sommers was very proud of her class as they truly showed our school value of respect today.

Bread and Honey
23 October 2015

Class 3 enjoyed eating bread and honey with the honey that we were given from Quince Honey Farm on our trip to Farmwise. It was delicious! Yum yum!

Class 2 on the Farm
22 October 2015

Last Thursday Class 2 spent a day at West Town Farm in Ide. We had amazing weather andspent the entire day outdoors. We picked apples, made apple juice, dug soil, rolled in hay bales, sang songs in the barn, saw the animals (including a calf called Denis), picked and chopped vegetables and cooked pumpkin soup over the campfire. We even fed the gorgeous spotty brown pigs with apples and acorns! Phew – we never stopped! What a wonderful day, with lots of opportunities to think about our Being Alive! topic and how we fit in with all of the other plants and animals in the world.

22 October 2015

On Tuesday 13th October 2015 Class three went on an enjoyable trip to WestPoint where they took part in lots of fun activities to do with farming. First we split into two groups, group 21 and group 22. I was in group 21. Our group went to the fruit zone for our first activity. There were lots of different things do in the fruit zone. We looked at fruit and matched it to the tree that it grows on, we learned about honey and bees and made apple juice. To make the juice we put the apples in a shredder then pressed the juice out and bottled it. When we’d made it we got to taste some and it was very nice! Our last activity in the fruit zone was making fruity smoothies. First we put the frozen fruit into the blender then put the blender on a bike and peddled! I made an apple and mixed berry one, it tasted amazing!

After the fruit zone we walked up to the forest zone (whilst sipping our delicious smoothies). Out of the arena it was very cold so we all did star jumps to warm up. Unfortunately our group wasn’t due in for another 5 minutes so we had to wait outside. The forest zone was in a little log cabin which was surprisingly warm. First we looked at the different things that came from trees. Did you know that tree sap is used in nail varnish? Next we spoke to a forest ranger who told us about growing and then harvesting timber. It was very interesting.

When we got back to the arena we went to the Met Office workshop where we were split into two groups. My group looked at how to make water tornadoes and clouds first which was very informative. We made the cloud in a bottle and when we took the bottle stopper out it made a loud noise and made me jump! When we’d finished making weather we got to present the weather. We stood in front of the green screen then pointed at the different places on the map whilst saying what the temperature would be there. It was very fun.

Once we’d all had a turn at presenting the weather it was time for lunch. We had lunch in the Food Zone, sitting on hay bales.

After lunch we said goodbye to group 22, the other half of our class, then went to our next activities. Our activity was the Pig Zone they had an actually pig with her piglets. They were so cute! When we’d finished petting the pigs we looked at where all the different types of pork come from on a pig. Then we had a go at putting labels on a model of a pig.

Our next zone was the Cow Zone where we looked at some real cows and their diet, what they eat and how much they eat.

For our final zone we went to the Poultry Zone and looked at chickens, ducks and turkeys. We spent about 5 minutes just looking at all the animals then we went to a stand with lots of machinery that helped to check whether the eggs were damaged or not. Next we looked at a machine that helped hens lay eggs. Once we’d finished, the lady at the stand gave us a quiz sheet to do whilst looking at the other stands. She said the answers were written on the display boards dotted around the Poultry Zone. Then we went to see the baby chicks, they were incredibly cute! I got to hold one and it was very fluffy. Their cage had a light that kept the chicks warm. When I held the chick I made sure it was close to me to keep it warm.

Once we’d all had a go at holding the chicks it was time to go so we got all our things said goodbye and thank you to everyone who helped us. Then we got on the bus drove back to school. The whole day was an amazing and educational experience!

Written by Poppy

Heatree Residential
1 October 2015

Class 3 had a fantastic time during their Heatree residential.

Year 6 Cake
21 July 2015

Thank you to Mrs Abbott for making year 6 an amazing cake to celebrate their last day. It was extremely yummy!


Family Service
21 July 2015

Year six led an interesting service in church this Sunday where they discussed all of the changes that they have been through and will meet in the future. They were very organised and brought a tear to many an eye in the congregation! Well done year six!


Summer production of ‘Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat’
17 July 2015

This year’s production was yet another success with all of the children singing and acting to present this West End show. Year 6 took to the stage in the main roles and were accompanied by years 4 and 5 as actors, dancers and singers. Classes 1 and 2 created fun dances with a rock and roll theme and country and western theme.

Everyone worked very hard to learn all of the songs, particularly the narrators (Vanessa and Satara) and most of all we all had a fun night. Well done to all of the children for a fabulous performance and to all of the staff for all their hard work.



PGL 2015
17 July 2015

Year 6 had a wonderful adventurous week away to PGL Torrington in the week after completing their SATs exams. Many children (and staff!) faced their fears when abseiling, jumping off high platforms to catch a trapeze, zip wiring from a very high tree and climbing a tall tower. They also got to go quad biking, body boarding at Westwood Ho among other activities such as archery, orienteering, bushcraft and ambush (grown up hide and seek!).

Everyone had a great week and made lots of memories. Mrs Sommers is very proud of you all for achieving your goals.

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