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Our Learning

Primary Team Maths Challenge
5 June 2015

Our wonderful year 5 team took second place on 2nd June at the Primary Team Maths Challenge at Maynard School and showed everyone what super mathematicians they are!


Class 4 Celebration Day
15 May 2015

Class 4 enjoyed their celebration day, going to the park and eating minion cake. Well done to all of the class for working hard and especially year six for getting through their SATs week!



May Day Celebrations
5 May 2015

Morgan and Eliza were presented with their May Day photographs in today’s assembly. Eliza made an elegant May Queen and Morgan a brave Jack in the Green. Well done to both of them for representing our school in the village celebrations.


Yr 4 Making Cornflake Cakes
16 April 2015

Year 4 made chocolate Easter cornflake cakes before Easter and made some creative baskets to present them. They all enjoyed their day and made Mrs Sommer’s room smell delicious!

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First Aid Session
26 March 2015

St. John ambulance service visited school yesterday to train year 5 and 6 in some basic first aid. Children were told what to do in emergency and given advice on cuts, burns and poisons.
Sue and Kevin from St. John’s were very impressed with the children’s responsible and mature attitude. Well done years 5 and 6.

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Christmas Fayre Entrepreneur Award
26 March 2015

Satara and Emily were very pleased to be presented with their cinema tickets from the PTA for winning the Christmas Fayre entrepreneur award. They had showed great business skills in running their stall. In particular, they took great care to make their stall appealing to customers. Well done girls!


Buckfast Abbey
13 March 2015

Class 1 and 2 attended the Threads at Easter event at Buckfast Abbey. They went on a journey around the abbey church and explored the Easter story. During the journey around the church there were various stops where they heard the Easter story from Palm Sunday to Easter day. At these stops the children added beads to a thread making a souvenir which each child was able to take away and reflect upon.

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World Book Day
6 March 2015

All the children had great fun dressing up as their favourite character to celebrate world book day.

Monterey’s Snow White afternoon involved acting out the story using puppets, icing Apple shaped biscuits and going on a treasure hunt to find the 7 dwarfs. We ended our afternoon enjoying toffee apples which were thankfully not like the poisoned one Snow White ate!

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Chinese New Year
3 March 2015

Class 4 have celebrated Chinese New Year and have shown acts of generosity by making goat mobiles for classes 1 and 2. It is the year of the sheep/goat in the Chinese calendar.

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Internet Safety Day
13 February 2015

The digital leaders had a busy day today running workshops for all four classes! This is what they thought about their day:

We have learnt many teaching skills in these sessions and feel that our point has come across well about internet safety. Each class has listened carefully and seemed to understand and enjoy their activities. We used a story called ‘Smartie the Penguin’ with class 1, ‘Digiduck’ with class 2 and a powerpoint that used ‘Mitch the stay safe, surfing Monkey’ with classes 3 and 4.

Children had a chance to make posters and sort cards with safe and unsafe scenarios and had fun with our cuddly characters. We hope that our internet safety day has helped everyone to understand how to stay safe when using technology. Look out for the SMART posters around school for the golden rules of staying safe. Jacob, Evie, Amelia, Libby, Vanessa and Arabella.

Here are some quotes from children who enjoyed their workshops:

Lily “ It was fun doing the activity and I learnt that if any pop ups come onto the screen we should tell a responsible adult.”

Toby “ I enjoyed the activity and learnt how to deal with any tricky problems on the computer.”

Jeremiah “ It was a fun activity and I learnt that I shouldn’t make friends online without my parents permission.”

Jasmine “ It was helpful to see how to stay safe online and it reminded me of the things that are important about our internet safety and who to trust.”