Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Police e-safety Visit
13 February 2015

The E safety workshop was a successful lesson in outlining how to stay safe using all technology including gaming. Class 4 enjoyed debating the different situations they may come across. Thank you to PC Donna and PC Simon.

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Computing class
16 January 2015

Year 6 and their buddies shared a computing class today and learned how to access the Internet and our maths programme RM online. They all enjoyed working together.

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Class 4 Gym Sequences
15 January 2015

Class 4 completed their gym sequences today and performed some excellent balances, jumps and rolls. They showed control and worked hard to improve their skills.

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George's Marvellous Medicine
12 December 2014

Class 4 had a fabulous time at the Northcott theatre on Wednesday when they went to see George’s Marvellous Medicine. We all laughed all the way through but especially when Grandma grew so big that she burst through the roof! A big thank you to Mrs Broomby, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Taylor who helped keep our costs down by transporting the class to the theatre.


Roman Shields
28 November 2014

Class 4 have made some fabulous Roman shields for their homework as part of our topic. We will be using the shields in a battle. Mrs Sommers is very proud of all your hard work!

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Cl4 Coding
28 November 2014

Class 4 have been completing their hour of code. Sam and Max made sequences of code and were using loops and repetition to send angry bird characters around a maze. They had to de bug their code along to way to improve the programming! Well done boys!

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Digital Leaders
25 November 2014

The digital leaders gave their first assembly to classes 1,2 and 4 today about Internet safety. They worked as a team to produce an interactive presentation with quiz prizes giving a strong message about staying safe online. We are very proud of them and they are now being booked by class 2 to demonstrate using the Telligami app on the iPads. Upon Evie’s return the digital leaders will present their assembly to class 3 and will be setting up a coding club! Well done to Jacob, Libby, Evie, Amelia and Arabella.

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Class 4 Discover Algebra
11 November 2014

Class 4 have been using cuisenaire rods to discover algebra. They have made equations to compare rods such a=n+w or w =1/10 of a. They still have more discoveries to find and will be developing their findings into further algebraic learning.

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World War 1 Poppy Art
6 November 2014

Class 4 have been thinking about remembrance and have produced these pictures:

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Bon Appétit Classe 4!
21 October 2014

On Friday 17th October, Class 4 put their French speaking skills into action. The classroom was transformed into a French Café and a delicious French breakfast was on the menu – including a particularly appetising camembert and a goat’s cheese!
The children had previously made phrase books to help them along, and they enjoyed taking turns as waiters and customers. Customers enjoyed croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, petits gateaux, chocolat chaud and, of course, le fromage! Top marks to Sebastian and Brody in the cheese department – both managed a second piece!

Emily said, “We had an amazing French feast and we tried lots of yummy foods.” Vanessa said, “It was all delicious, except the cheese!”
Libby agreed, saying, “We had lots of yummy foods. Only one person liked the cheese! But it was a great feast.”
Jacob said, “Mrs Turner hosted a great feast with a variety of French foods. We didn’t like the cheese much though, except Sebastian – he loved it!”

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