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Digital Leaders
17 October 2014

Five children in year 6 have been appointed as digital leaders. Their job will be to teach others about Internet safety, discover how to use new technologies that have come into school and to support children and staff in computing and coding. Well done!

Digital leaders



Learning about Circuits in Cl4
14 October 2014

All the children had great fun in class and learned how circuits can be changed to create brighter/dimmer bulbs or faster motors. Libby and Emily T found that they could make a circuit that included their pencil case!

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Forest School starts!
16 September 2014

We are really excited about offering weekly Forest School sessions throughout the year, starting with year 4 children. During each session, the children will be exploring aspects of science through the natural environment and also building on their knowledge and understanding of maths in context. Underpinning all of this, your child will be developing wider skills including: cooperative learning, communication and leadership skills.

Here’s what some of the children thought after their first session:

Libby – It was fun because we got to light a fire and I didn’t know how to 
light a fire before. The spark  was a bit scary because I thought I might burn 
myself. I liked the hot chocolate.

Bethany –  It was amazing. We got to have hot chocolate!

Megan – I loved it. It was fun. I liked the fire making and the hot chocolate.

Albert- I enjoyed making a den with Oliver, Thomas, Megan and a few others – we 
were using our school value co-operation. It was pretty cool to make the fire. 
The flint and steel was cool as well. I’m looking forward to next week.

Esme – We used Endeavour because we had to keep trying to light the fire and it 
did at the last minute.

Katie- I had fun making the fire and finding all the logs and stuff.

Lucie- It was awesome-  we got to light fires and drink hot chocolate

Lola- I liked it because we got to make a fire. We used the values of 
Friendship because we made friends with children from Littleham and Cooperation 
when we worked together to make a fire.

Thomas- I liked the hot chocolate and roasting the banana

Oliver- I liked using the fint and steel

Tilly- The only thing I didn’t like was that it was too short. I liked making a 


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24 July 2014

Our summer production of Oliver was a great success. Well done once again to the children; we are in awe of their confidence and talent and the hard work they put in to learning their lines.

Thank you to all who supported the event and to Woodbury Park for allowing us to use their facilities free of charge. Thank you also to all staff and volunteers giving their time and energy and to Mrs. Sommers for pulling the whole thing together!

Enjoy the photos.

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More about Haven Banks trip
8 July 2014

On Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th June 2014 Class 3 went on an enjoyable and educational trip to Haven Banks where they learnt lots of tricky skills and took part in lots of fun activities such as kayaking and team building.

Each day every group took part in two activities with a lunch break in-between. Most of the activities we took part in involved using our school values and working together which helped us develop these skills. One example for this is team building which helped us with co-operation. I’m sure you can tell by the smiles in the pictures that everyone enjoyed this trip and learnt a lot from it too.

Written by competition winner Poppy in Yr 4

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Sponsored walk
27 June 2014

The sponsored walk raised £45 for the PTA – thank you to all who took part.

Sponsored walk


Haven Banks
18 June 2014

Class Three are demonstrating excellent teamwork and co-operation already during our outdoor adventure learning with Haven Banks. We are all really keen to get back on the water tomorrow!

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Year 3 /4 Mini Tennis Competition
13 June 2014

Four children from Years 3 and 4 took part in a mini tennis competition at the East Devon Tennis Centre. They played extremely well and came 3rd out of the 15 schools that had entered. Well done!

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13 May 2014

Poppy seeds donated by the Diocesehave been planted in a small plot by the Lych Gate next to the war memorials . When we asked for seeds, we had visions of scattering them randomly in the churchyard  but the instructions dictated open well worked soil – and we had to choose a spot where they would not get mown when the grass is cut.

Members of the School Council planted the seeds which are minute and had to be mixed with sand and scattered from a spoon.  The pupils then stood by the war memorials and read out aloud together the special prayer written on the back of the poppy cards sent from the Diocese.

It is hoped that the poppies will flower in the summer around the time of the commemoration of the start of World War One on August 4th.

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Darts Farm Work Experience
6 May 2014

Five year 6 students were the winners of the Woodbury Salterton CE Primary School Enterprise Week Competition as they had generated the most profit from their stall at the Christmas fair.

Their prize was a tour around Darts Farm. On Thursday they spent the afternoon walking around the wetlands, cheese tasting, burger making and looking at how cider is made! They were super ambassadors for our school and were praised for their politeness and enthusiasm. The afternoon was rounded off with a delicious ice cream and a lovely goody bag presented by Joe at darts Farm.

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