Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Class 3 Art - ID Figurines
6 February 2020

Class 3 have been looking at how another culture represents miniature figurines. We took inspiration from Guatemalan worry dolls to design our own ‘Mini Me’ figures.  So far, we have thought about different textures and will be using a variety of textures to embellish our figures.

We used templates as patterns for cutting around and then stitched our fabric pieces together. We used wadding to fill our figures.

We look forward to making them look unique to us and using them to help share our worries.

Festivals in RE
5 February 2020

Class Two are thinking about how festivals and family life show what really matters to Jews. In today’s RE lesson, they learnt about the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah. As part of the lesson they tasted apples dipped in honey (a food which is eaten by Jews during Rosh Hashanah) and they were able to taste how sweet the foods were and how this food symbolises the ultra-sweet year that Jews hope G-d will give them.

Rocks and Relics
4 February 2020

Class Two have started the term by finding out about the four layers of the Earth. They have looked carefully at a variety of rocks and their properties in order to identify what type of rock, the rock is.

Judaism in Class 2
4 February 2020

Class Two have enjoyed sequencing pictures of a Jewish creation story and have considered the meaning and significance of each part of the story. They have found out about the Jewish festival of Shabbat and why it is important to Jews.

Fossils in Class 2
4 February 2020

In Class Two’s science lessons they have been finding out how fossils form. To recreate this process, Class Two have placed jellied sweets between layers of bread which represent a creature that has died and fallen on the sand (white bread) and then been buried under layers of sediment (brown and granary bread.)  We have placed heavy books and a stone on top, to apply the pressure that the sediment would have applied to the creature buried underneath it. We now need to wait a few days to see what happens to the sweets. In the meantime, we have been predicting what we think will happen. Watch this space to find out…

The Story of Adam and Eve
4 February 2020

Class Two have been reflecting on the Jewish creation story of Adam and Eve. They have thought carefully about the meaning of the story and discussed in groups of three what they think is the most to the least important message taken from the story. Lots of thinking and discussion today from all the children!

Rocks and Relics
4 February 2020

The children in class Two love their new topic of Rocks, Relics and Rumbles. We have seen some fantastic pieces of home learning being brought into school to be shared and celebrated. Thank you parents for supporting your children with this!

Art - I.D Portraits
4 February 2020

Following our theme of Identity, Class 3 have produced some stunning artwork. We began by looking at our own facial features then sketching them in the correct proportions. We then created a half self- portrait using chalk and charcoal in the style of realism. We compared this style to the exaggerated cubist style of Artist Picasso and created the other half of our self-portrait in an abstract style.

We evaluated our finished artwork and talked about how our images portrayed our unique, individual identities.

Art - Creation Station Portraits
4 February 2020

Creation Station worked with Class 3 on our theme of Identity. Each pupil produced a unique portrait in a collage style using and mixing textures and materials.

Science - Fingerprints in Class 3
4 February 2020

We have been looking at our fingerprints in Science and the three types of patterns they have; whorl, arch and loop. We realised that although they can be classified by type, everybody has unique fingerprints.