Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Lighthouse Prototypes
14 November 2019

Our lighthouses are progressing as we used nets to assemble our prototypes. We used our prototypes to think about any alterations or improvements we could make before we construct our final products. We thought about how to make a stable, rigid platform for our lamps to sit on inside the lighthouses. We also drew electric circuits and look forward to testing them out once our models are complete.

Class 1 Maths
14 November 2019

Class 1 have been busy looking at 2D shape in maths. They have been using properties of shape to help sort and name them correctly. The children were then able to use the shapes to make some fantastic shape pictures.

Ordnance Survey Maps
13 November 2019

In Geography we are learning about Ordnance Survey maps, co-ordinates and how to read a compass. We made a giant grid to help us understand grid references and map symbols.

All Creatures Great and Small
12 November 2019

As part of our topic on All Creatures Great and Small our nursery children had fun playing in our role play-area and then went out on our trikes and bikes. They had to find a way to take their pet to the Vet who was waiting at the end of our playground. They all managed to find a way to carry their pet whilst cycling. Great work children!

Design & Technology - Lighthouses
7 November 2019

We have started to plan our lighthouse designs by creating technical style drawings with annotations. We thought about shape, function, structure, location and purpose.

Collective Worship - The Angel Announces Good News
6 November 2019

In Collective Worship this week, we have been looking at the part of the Christmas story where the angel Gabriel announces the important message that Mary will be having a very special baby.

We looked at 2 pieces of art, all called ‘The Annunciation’ that tell the story of this special event.  We thought about which picture tells the story best. We then discussed how Mary must have been feeling and of how she showed trust, dignity and courage.


We said this prayer together…

Father God,

Give us Mary’s trust in you when we face the unknown.

Give us Mary’s dignity when we face the unexpected,

Give us Mary’s courage when we face challenges and hard choices.

In the name of your son Jesus Christ


He Qi © 2014 All rights Reserved                                 Philippe de Champaigne

Stormy Seascapes
4 November 2019

In Design and Technology we are planning to make 3D lighthouses. For the background to our lighthouses, we have created stormy seascapes using various painting techniques including stippling and sponging.

They look very effective as backdrops for our models.

Bridge Building in Science
1 November 2019

Children in class 2 worked in teams to design and make a bridge that would be strong enough to hold a toy car using only paper.

Investigating Long Barrows around Stonehenge
30 October 2019

Class 3 talked about what they thought life would have been like 4500 years ago, at the time that Stonehenge was constructed.  They discussed the inventions that Neolithic man wouldn’t have had such as; electricity, cars, internet, factories and computers.  They then talked about the things that they would have had such as; stone, flint, animal bones, rope made from plants and leather.

Next the children read an information leaflet about the West Kennet long barrow and fed-back facts they had found out about it to the rest of the class.  As groups they then made one of the burial chambers before putting them together to make the complete West Kennet long barrow.

Common Multiples
29 October 2019

Our Year 6 looking very studious as they find common multiples in Maths.