Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

Class 2 Art
20 September 2019

In Art we have been looking at the difference between Victorian and modern portraiture. We have been learning about composition, tone and how to draw features of a face in the correct position and proportion. Some stunning self-portraits have been produced using charcoal and chalk blended to echo the sepia effect of Victorian portraits.

19 September 2019

Very soon we will be using our new sketchbooks and have been creative in designing our names for the front covers.
Class 2 have designed their names using bubble writing, whilst Class 3 have learned how to create 3D lettering for their artwork.

Buckfast Abbey Children's Book Festival
15 July 2019

Years 2 – 6 finished off another busy week with a trip to the Buckfast Abbey Children’s Literacy Festival. We had workshops with authors, poets, storytellers and illustrators. We made up stories about everything from flying pigs to missing bagpipes! It was a lovely day in the very beautiful grounds of Buckfast Abbey and a fabulous time was had by all!  It was a lovely way to round up this year’s work on the importance of reading for pleasure.

Thank you to Mrs Nosworthy and Mrs Clements for accompanying us.

Class 2 Outdoor Learning
15 July 2019

Class 2 used modelling clay to create creatures and animals. They then looked for materials to make habitats for their models.

Class 3 Outdoor Learning
11 July 2019

Class 3 checked on their flowers, fruits and vegetables they had planted and could see a difference in how they had grown. The tomatoes are not ready yet but we enjoyed smelling the scent of the leaves and tasting the lettuce leaves.

Mathematical Problem Solving in Class 3
9 July 2019

Class 3 have been putting all of their mathematical skills to good use this week – carrying out lots of different investigations. Today, we have been using our knowledge of factors and shape to create bracelet designs. Lots of interesting ideas!

Class 1 Outdoor Learning
8 July 2019

Class 1 enjoyed a lovely sunny morning up at our forest school site. This week involved us changing the Pirate ship to a Circus Boat!! The children landed in Port and we had a go at juggling with our scarves. Some of the children were able to make the scarf disappear into thin air and then magically reappear. We then had a go at improving our hula hooping skills. Some of the children have really improved at this. The children showed some great team work on the ski balances working together to balance and move around the field. Then it was back on board the Circus Boat to travel to the next Port.

Pirate School
28 June 2019

Class 1 had a great morning at Pirate School. We built a ship and sailed the seas in our pirate boats. After a scavenger hunt we played a game and then had some tropical pirate snacks. There were some fantastic costumes from all the children. Many thanks to all the parents involved.

Mayan Factfiles
27 June 2019

Class 3 have been researching The Mayans and have produced informative fact files about Mayan life including some interesting facts about their buildings, food, jobs and their Gods.

Circus in Class 1
27 June 2019

Class 1 enjoyed their circus skills workshop with Circus Bersercus. They were able to balance along the balance beam, spin the plates and spin the diablo.