Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Our Learning

The Big Bang!
26 June 2019

Class 3 budding scientists were able to try out the latest technology and participate in a range of activities at The Big Bang Science exhibition at Westpoint. Advice was on hand regarding exciting careers which inspired the pupils to think about their future paths.

Science in Class 3
26 June 2019

Class 3 carried out more science investigation this week – this time in the area of light and shadows. They investigated white light and rainbow colours; light sources and made infinity mirror boxes. Great investigating Class 3 – keep it up!

Kate Greenaway Books in Class 1
26 June 2019

This week Class 1 have enjoyed two of the books in the Kate Greenaway Award collection.

Our favourite book was, The Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.

The children loved the poems and wonderful illustrations as a result, they drew pastel pictures and wrote poems for their pictures.

ECC Maths Trail
25 June 2019

Year 5 had a lovely morning when they visited Exmouth Community College for a Maths trail. The first activity was to use the formula, ‘Speed is equal to distance divided by time’ and apply this to investigating how far it would be to walk from one part of the campus to another. Year 5 displayed their knowledge of estimating, multiplying and converting.

The next challenge was in the form of a treasure hunt with some tricky word problems. Year 5 proudly showed off their mathematical knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages to solve the clues. Super Maths sleuths Year 5!

Faith Week in Class 1
25 June 2019


As part of our work during Faith Week we looked at how Muslims pray. The children enjoyed printing symmetrical patterns on their mats and making paper fringes for them. Later in the week we cleared the classroom to make a space so we could lay the mats as if they were inside a mosque. We used an app – Quibla Compass – to find out which direction Mecca is in so that we could place our prayer mats facing the right way.


The children remembered that Muslims pray five times a day and that before praying they perform wudu – which is a ceremony which involves washing their hands, face and feet. We acted this out and then they then went to their own prayer mat and we went through some of the positions in the prayer ritual. The children were really respectful and afterwards we talked about the differences and similarities to how Christians pray.


The Nursery children enjoyed looking at the different patterns on pictures of prayer mats and had fun sponge painting on half of the paper and discovering what happened when the paper was folded and the pattern was transferred to the other side. They later enjoyed sitting on them… once they were dry!

Mayan Gods
24 June 2019

Class 3 have been studying Mayan history, life and culture. In Art and D.T we have been designing Mayan Gods then modelling them using air drying clay. They look so realistic!

Kate Greenaway in Class 3
22 June 2019

We have been looking at books that have been nominated for the Kate Greenaway award in Class 3. Our favourites include, ‘The Wolf the Duck and the Mouse,’ illustrated by Jon Klassen and ‘The Day War Came,’ illustrated by Rebecca Cobb. We enjoyed the stories and the beautiful illustrations too.

Kate Greenaway Award
22 June 2019

Class 2 have been looking at books nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award. One of our favourites was “You’re Safe With Me.” The lovely illustrations by Poona Mistry inspired us to create artwork in a similar style. We used pencil to draw our animals in detail then applied coloured pencil. They were then photocopied onto brightly coloured backgrounds. How beautiful they look!

Exciting Experiments in Science
21 June 2019

Class 3 had a carousel of science investigations to carry out – all linked to the study of sound. We made paper crackers to see shock waves; we made rice move on a beating drum to show sound waves in action; we looked at sources of sound and we tested how sound moves through different materials. A noisy and enjoyable afternoon!

The Mayans
21 June 2019

Class 3 are learning about the Mayans, their culture and way of life. We have had some super homework projects brought in including a fabulous, informative poster and a beautifully crafted 3D model of a Mayan house.