Woodbury Salterton
C of E Primary School

Collective Worship at Home - 22/05

Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning everybody,

As we reach the end of this half term, we gather as a school to learn more about and worship God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

We hope that you have enjoyed completing some of the Thy Kingdom Come activities that were on your home learning sheets this week. Please remember to send them into school either in the post or by email, as we would love to see your work.

This week has been Mental Health Week, we ask that you remember to try to do as many of the 10 a day choices towards balancing your mental health as you can. This will help to keep your mental health healthy. Have a look at the poster below. Which one you will choose to do today?

There are also many resources on the website that you can complete which will help you to keep your mind healthy.


This week, when I went to work at school , I wore one of my favourite necklaces. It was a gift that had been given to me grandmother many years ago. When it got to lunchtime, I realised that my necklace had slipped off and that I had lost it.  I felt very upset and I panicked that I might not be able to find it so I searched and searched very carefully in all the rooms that I had been in. Even though, I had other necklaces at home, this necklace was very important to me so I didn’t stop looking until I eventually found it in the library!  I was so happy and relieved when I found my necklace that I wanted to sing, dance and celebrate  as I was full of joy!

This reminded me of a parable in the Bible. A parable is a story that Jesus told which has a hidden meaning. A meaning that teaches us something important about God.

The parable that we are going to listen to today is from Luke chapter 15 verses 4 -6.

Once a shepherd had a flock of 100 sheep. The shepherd loved every one of his sheep. He even had names for his sheep. Every night he would count his sheep to make sure that all 100 were there.

He helped the sheep find the best green grass. He looked for nice clean water so his sheep could have a nice drink when they were thirsty.

Sometimes dangerous animals like bears and lions would come and try to hurt his sheep. The shepherd protected the sheep and chased all of the dangerous animals away from them.

Sometimes the sheep would wander away from the rest of the sheep and the shepherd had to call out the sheep’s name. When the sheep heard the shepherd’s voice, he would run back to the shepherd.

What would it mean if the shepherd counted his sheep and he counted only 99? That would mean that one sheep was missing. How do you think the shepherd felt? What do you think the shepherd would do? Do you think the shepherd would just say, “Oh, well, who cares? I’m just happy that the 99 sheep are okay. I won’t worry about just one little sheep. One little sheep is not very important anyway.”

What would you do if you were the shepherd?

The shepherd would leave the 99 sheep in a safe place and then he would go and look for the lost sheep. He would look behind bushes and in the deep valleys. He would keep looking everywhere until he found the sheep.

When he finally found the sheep, he would be so happy! He would lift the sheep up onto his shoulders and carry him back to the other ninety-nine sheep. At last, the shepherd could be happy because all of the sheep were safe and well.

Time for reflection

What was the hidden meaning of that story? What was Jesus saying about God?

We are all very special to God. He wants us to know he cares for us, just as much as that shepherd cared for his sheep.

Listen to this poem and think carefully about the words.
If I lose something that doesn’t matter to me –
an old leaflet, a broken pencil, a toy I don’t play with any more,
if I lose something that doesn’t matter to me –
it doesn’t bother me much at all.

If I lose something that does matter to me –
some money, my lunch, my favourite toy,
if I lose something that does matter to me –
I search and search and don’t stop until I find it,
or until I know it’s really lost.

Jesus said that God looks for me like that:
searching high and low
never letting go
making sure I know
that I’m so very, very special.

Let us pray together

Father, we thank you for each child in our school. We thank you for the joy they bring and the gifts and abilities that you have given to each one. Please will you bless them and watch over them. Grant them strength, patience and kindness at his time. Will you grant them understanding and endurance as they face any challenges that they have? Please protect them from anxiety and worry. We ask your blessing on each family that they are part of, praying that you will draw them close to you and each other. We thank you for loving each one of us.


To finish our assembly today, we will listen to Psalm 23, The Lord is my Shepherd