Class 2 have been really excited to start creating their wave paintings as part of our Coastline theme. We have researched how artists show waves, tried drawing our own waves and tried different painting techniques using sponges and brushes. Today we started creating our final piece of artwork, using all of our new skills! 
In Art, we have been looking at how artists represent oceans and waves.
Using a variety of techniques including sketching, painting, stippling and overlaying, we created our own ocean themed artwork.
What talented artist we have!
Class 3 have learnt how artist view objects as shapes and then use the shapes to help them refine and define their pieces of work. Here are a few objects that they have drawn in our lesson today.
Class 1 have been using their knowledge of different pencil techniques to help them draw features of a building. The children looked carefully at the detail in each feature of the school building and had a go at drawing them.