In computing, Class 3 have been giving instructions to bee-bots and floor robots in order to accomplish a given goal (reaching areas on moon terrain!) as part of our Stargazers topic. They used logical reasoning to detect errors in their algorithms (set of instructions).
This week Year 1 have been learning how to log onto a Chromebook and use the chrome canvas app to create an Autumn picture. We learned how to change the tool we were using and find the colours we wanted to use.
Class 2 have been learning what an algorithm is to start off our computing topic this half term. We gave each other instructions to practise breaking the algorithm into small steps. For example ‘how to put on your shoes’. Over the next few weeks, we will give floor robots a set of algorithms to complete missions around a Coastline zone, collecting items! 
In ICT Class 2 have learned how to give a series of instructions to the bee-bots and how to stop and clear the commands. 
Today Class 2 designed their own ‘Coastline’ themed grid to give each other challenges to reach with the bee-bots! They had to remember their algorithm skills from last week and were able to correct any sequences that had errors in. 
This afternoon, class 2 got really stuck into our computing topic about databases in ICT. We created paper-based databases and then sorted and groups our records in groups. We were able to use our records to answer questions as well! Over the next few lessons, we will learn how to make databases recording information about volcanoes as part of our theme this term. 
In Computing this afternoon, Class 2 started researching Ancient Greece as part of our theme ‘Gods and Mortals’. We learned how to insert text into a PowerPoint and change the colour and size of our writing.