Core value this half term

2 January 2019

This half term we will be focusing on our core value of Courage during collective Worship. We will be learning an acrostic poem to help us understand the value in more detail:

Courage is…
Carrying on when things are difficult

Overcoming fear

Understanding and facing a challenge

Risking being out of your comfort zone

Always believing in God’s promises

Going for a goal

Empowered by encouragement

Each week in Collective Worship we will be exploring different themes including: Stepping out of your comfort zone, focusing on the story of Moses and the children setting themselves challenges; Doing the Right thing, not the easy thing; Facing a Challenge – Benjamin and Jacob’s Story; Overcoming fear – sometimes our fears can stop us having fun or trying something new and Encouraging Others – are there times when our friends need to build us up and encourage us?

As ever, we have our Home Values sheet available on our website, with suggested activities that you may wish to explore at home to support this value, such as trying to eat something you haven’t eaten before – carrots, cabbage, broccoli, pears etc; reading a book by an author you haven’t chosen before or try a new activity: jogging, swimming, tennis, walking, looking at the night sky, bird watching. You could also try researching heroes or heroines in history, who made the decision to follow a course of action that they believed to be right, rather than taking the easy option and doing nothing at all or staying silent instead of speaking out. We’d love to hear how you get on with any of these!