Fairtrade Conference

25 February 2020

Year 6 were invited to be delegates at Devon Schools Fairtrade Conference.

We met Sarah and Ernest who are cocoa farmers from Ghana who told us about their farms and the work involved in growing and harvesting cocoa pods.

We learned about the challenges they face due to environmental factors, in particular the effects of global warming.

They talked about how Fairtrade helps to ensure they are paid fair prices for their cocoa beans and puts a stop to child labour.

Some of the interesting activities included selecting symbols from Divine chocolate wrappers that reflected our personalities, beliefs and values and then used the symbols to create bookmarks. We reflected upon how this fitted in so well with our current them of Identity.

We looked at the school uniform of a Ghanaian pupil and enjoyed dressing in a traditional “Kente.”

We analysed a bar of Fairtrade chocolate for it’s appearance, taste, touch and smell. We really enjoyed tasting the chocolate!

We were presented with a sapling to plant, which will grow into a Bird Blossom tree. We would like to give this to Miss Jefferies who accompanied us on our visit and is always ready to lend a helping hand with school activities.