George and the dragon

29 April 2019

One day when George was on his travels he me met a hermit who told him about the frightful dragon who lived in the lake. Each night he flew into the nearby village and terrifying everyone. The hermit told George how the villagers had tried everything to stop the dragon bothering them. One day they had sent him all their food, on another day all their animals and finally they sent all their jewels and gold but still he continued to attack their homes at night. The king then sent his soldiers to fight the dragon but they were frightened and ran away. Finally the king had decided to send his daughter to the dragon in the hope that this would save the villagers. When George heard this he jumped on his horse and galloped to the lakeside and got there just in time. He defeated the dragon and saved the princess.

We looked at the English flag – the St George’s flag – and got busy writing cards, acting out the story and making flags and shields.