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26 February 2019

Keeping Safe Online

Keeping your child safe whilst online is so essential and it’s important to involve yourself in your child’s online life and a simple and effective way to this is by talking to them about their life online.  Try to maintain an open dialogue with your child and find opportunities to talk to them about what they love to do online. Parents can help children access the amazing resources the internet has to offer whilst keeping them safe online at the same time.


Please see below for a useful information page warning parents about ‘The Momo Challenge’- what it is and how to keep your child safe. Momo is a new viral game that encourages players to perform a series of challenges in order to meet ‘Mother Bird’ – a disfigured character (inspired by Japanese art) with bulging eyes and untidy black hair on a chicken-like body.

Light-hearted and fun at the outset, this game experience quickly darkens, absorbing players who are encouraged to perform acts of violence and self-harm through a series of progressively risky challenges. Originating in Mexico, it is easily accessed through social media shares (predominantly Facebook and YouTube) and is rapidly spreading across the world.

Please see below for a useful advice sheet about it.


Please see below for a useful advice sheet about the online video game Fortnite and how to keep your child safe when playing.

National Online Safety: Childnet: A Parent’s Guide to Fortnite


Protecting your child’s privacy online

Here’s a link to a useful guide for parents on protecting the privacy of their child online:



Snapchat have introduced a new feature called ‘Snap Map’ which allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, allowing users to zoom into a map and see the exact location of their friends.

Here is the latest advice for parents and carers published by Childnet International, a leading organisation for online safety: Snap Map Advice Childnet

For more details about safer internet please click the link below:

Visit our Parent Zone/CEOP page, this provides you with all the latest articles from the Parent Zone and CEOP, which are regularly updated.


Useful Online Safety Information

The following websites are full of useful information:

Visit the age-appropriate related sites: 5-7s (Hector’s World), 8-10s (Cybercafe) or watch one of the films on the 11-16s site.

Useful video resources can be found at