NSPCC Number Day

Class 3 had great fun using trial and improvement to tackle a number problem today about aliens and their legs, as part of the NSPCC Number Day.  They worked in pairs, to tackle the problem displaying a growth mindset throughout! A few children, that ran out of time before they solved the problem, have even said that they want to continue it at home in order to find the solution! What great mathematicians! 
I am also pleased to announce that Libby, Elise and Brodie have completed their times tables challenge today and now can recall/quickly deduce times table and division facts to 12 x 12. Well done girls!
Class 2 have been rockstars today as part of NSPCC number day! We’ve competed in our TTRockstars battle and been very busy investigating multiplication table challenges. As well as spotting patterns in times tables, we have managed to create our own multiplication grids! 
In support of NSPCC, we raised money by taking part in fun maths activities and by dressing up as Times Tables Rockstars!
Thank you to parents and careers for your generous contributions, we raised a huge £75.90
The NCPCC works to protect children today and prevents abuse tomorrow, to transform society for every childhood.  Along with all the essential work they do protecting children from abuse and harm they also use their website to inform parents about how to support their children when they are anxious.  Please follow the link below for further advice. 
As part of Number Day, Year One used their Maths skills to solve the problem of the missing alien spaceship. They had to solve lots of questions in order to decide who the culprit was.
Reception children had a go at some Maths games on the interactive whiteboard and tried to beat the clock to find the right number for the quantity.