Our Soft Plastics Campaign

A message from Class 3

In Class 3, we have had conversations about recycling and helping our environment locally and throughout the world.  During one of these conversations, we realised that there are no facilities for recycling soft plastics.

In our class we have created posters, Powerpoints after doing lots of research on how to recycle such items.  We have found out that the only shop at the moment that has a recycling system is the Co-op.  If soft plastics are put into your black bin at home it will go to landfill which does not break down for years! Animals can eat all of this and it can damage their organs and immune system.  This will affect the food chain and even end up affecting humans.

After a lot of work and research our class has emailed our local MP and we have invited him to our school to discuss this situation.  He has accepted our invitation and will be doing a Zoom session with us at the beginning of next month.  Hopefully he can answer some of our questions!

In our class, we have been given a black bag to collect soft plastics at home.  In school we have a soft plastics bin, so we can help our community and hopefully others.  Our research has led us on to find out that one of the things you can do with soft plastics is make eco-bricks.  Eco bricks are plastic bottles filled with soft plastics.  Eco bricks can then be out together and be made into loads of different types of furniture and other things.  We are hoping to make an outside reading sofa.

Please join us in our fight against climate change by recycling soft plastics!!