Parliament Week 2021

As part of Parliament Week, Class 2 have been learning what Parliament is and what responsibilities MPs have. We learned that the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Monarchy are all part of Parliament and laws are decided by holding debates, which are then voted on.We discussed Democracy and how it is fair that everyone has a vote and makes sure that their opinion is heard.
Today we discussed some of the many different issues that we are facing at the moment all over the world and made a Campaign Tree to display these topics. Some of the things we have decided to do to help include: saving electricity, buying second hand clothes, recycling, growing our own fruit and vegetables and not wasting food. 
During Parliament week, Class 3 were very lucky to be able to have a zoom meeting with our local MP Simon Jupp. He answered lots of questions about his job and was also able to give us a lot of advice for running our own campaign here at school. Watch this space!!