Becky came in and we followed map symbols to track a route across coloured cones! We learnt how to orient the map and follow the pathway. Then we followed a map of clues to find superhero answers as part of a maths challenge! 
Class 3 Frisbee Challenge
Class 3 are participating in some active, fun and educational football coaching sessions
with Tom from Exeter City Community Trust.
Throughout the term we will be working as a team, practising dribbling, shooting and using our mathematical skills to analyse football results and league tables.
Well done to our star pupil this week who displayed great teamwork and some very technical footwork!
Class 3 have been enjoying their handball matches today with Tom. They have all put their throwing, catching and dodging skills to the test! 
Class 3 loved their athletics session this morning! They started off by racing in teams and were all brilliant at encouraging everyone else on. Then they practiced long jumps in a game to get to the cone and back, before learning Dartmoor 3 balls, which required lots of teamwork and communication with everyone else. It was great to see children trying their hardest and never giving up! 
Today, Class 3 looked at the Eatwell guide and talked about why we need carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables. We all shared the different foods that we eat and discussed the need for a varied diet. 
Another great, energetic session with Tom from Exeter City Community Trust.
Class 3 developed their dodge ball skills and worked together co-operatively in pairs.
Class 3 have been practising their throwing and dodging skills in Dodgeball. 
Exeter City PE
Tom from Exeter City Community Trust talked to us about the importance of healthy eating.
We learned about the symptoms of dehydration and how important it is to drink plenty of water.
We also practised our handball skills.