Becky came in and we followed map symbols to track a route across coloured cones! We learnt how to orient the map and follow the pathway. Then we followed a map of clues to find superhero answers as part of a maths challenge! 
Class 3 Frisbee Challenge
Class 3 are participating in some active, fun and educational football coaching sessions
with Tom from Exeter City Community Trust.
Throughout the term we will be working as a team, practising dribbling, shooting and using our mathematical skills to analyse football results and league tables.
Well done to our star pupil this week who displayed great teamwork and some very technical footwork!
Class 3 have been enjoying their handball matches today with Tom. They have all put their throwing, catching and dodging skills to the test! 
Class 3 loved their athletics session this morning! They started off by racing in teams and were all brilliant at encouraging everyone else on. Then they practiced long jumps in a game to get to the cone and back, before learning Dartmoor 3 balls, which required lots of teamwork and communication with everyone else. It was great to see children trying their hardest and never giving up! 
Today, Class 3 looked at the Eatwell guide and talked about why we need carbohydrates, proteins, dairy, fruits and vegetables. We all shared the different foods that we eat and discussed the need for a varied diet. 
Another great, energetic session with Tom from Exeter City Community Trust.
Class 3 developed their dodge ball skills and worked together co-operatively in pairs.
Class 3 have been practising their throwing and dodging skills in Dodgeball. 
Exeter City PE
Tom from Exeter City Community Trust talked to us about the importance of healthy eating.
We learned about the symptoms of dehydration and how important it is to drink plenty of water.
We also practised our handball skills.
Some of our children have been getting active and have achieved gymnastic awards for their achievements within their gymnastic club after school.
We were very lucky to be visited by Becky Mason from Dartmoor School Sport Partnership.
Becky introduced us to some new, tricky dance moves which we mastered beautifully.
After trying out some break dancing and body popping moves, we put together a Class dance routine to music which looked so professional!
On Thursday, the KS1 children went to Exmouth Tennis Centre to take part in the Exmouth Learning Community Invasion Games Festival. The children learned lots of new invasion games and worked hard working as a team and encouraging each other as they played.
Class 1 had a great time learning dance with Becky Mason. They particularly enjoyed the dance off in partners and showing off their best dance moves!
Class 3 enjoyed a dance session with Becky Mason which focussed on improving Mental Health through physical exercise.  The children were brilliant in creating some dance routines and thinking about how the session had made them feel.  Many children reported that music and dance always makes them feel better when they are feeling down. 
The school took part in the National School Games Santa Dash today by running laps around the playground.  They showed lots of enthusiasm and perseverance to keep going until the end!  What a fun way to end the term and to help remind us all how important it is to keep active over the festive season.
For the next six weeks Class 2 are fortunate to be receiving coaching from Exeter City Trust.
We will be learning about the importance of exercise, keeping fit, healthy and what a positive impact this has on our mental health.
Today we took our pulse rates and noticed how they increase after exercise. We also practised some football dribbling skills and worked co-operatively.
Today with Exeter City Community Trust, we looked at the benefits of physical exercise. We also learned how exercise can make us feel good mentally too.
We played some football team games and practised goal shooting.
Today with Exeter City Community Trust we looked at healthy eating and the different food groups.
We then practised our throwing skills in games of dodge ball.
On Thursday, KS1 attended the Aesthetics festival at Exmouth tennis centre. They took part in various activities practising their balancing, jumping and movement skills. During the morning the children learnt a short dance and then performed it alongside other schools from the area.
Our Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Dartmoor 3ball competition against other local schools at Exmouth Community College.  The children worked well as a team and showed great sportsmanship.
Well done to all those involved.
Mrs Mason our Schools Sports Co-ordinator came into school to help run our summer sports afternoon.  The whole school took part in many different activities ranging from Javelin to Dartmoor 3ball.  The afternoon finished with traditional races, which were enthusiastically cheered on by all the parents and carers who came to support.
A massive well done to all who took part and a special thank you to Mrs Mason for all of her brilliant sporting ideas.
Children had a busy, fun sporty morning as part of the KS2 Funfest at Exmouth Tennis Centre.  This event focussed on cooperation, communication skills and team work.  The children took part in Beat the ball rounders, Dartmoor 3ball, Benchball, relays and island invaders.  They all had a fantastic time and represented the school brilliantly.

Year 5 & 6 Touch Rugby Tournament at Exmouth Rugby Club

An awesome afternoon of Touch Rugby was enjoyed by 11 Teams across our Exmouth learning Community. The afternoon started with the pupils learning the rules and gaining an understanding of the new format of ‘Touch Rugby’. They watch the ECC Sport Leaders play a game with the rules being explained with their visual demonstration. The teams then worked with ECC Sport Leaders and played in a training match against another school. After this schools were put into a ‘Lions’ or ‘Tigers’ competition and played in a Round Robin style tournament.

It was wonderful to see how the pupils skills and game play improved throughout the matches. Some great team work and team spirit throughout the afternoon. 

Tiger Tournament:

1st: Woodbury

2nd: Exeter Rd A

3rd:  Littleham

4th: Woodbury Salterton

5th: Exeter Rd B



Wow! What a massive turn out at the KS2 Cross Country event. 12 of the local primary schools took part in this East Devon qualifier competition round. 232 pupils took part across the four races, all showing real determination, resilience and bravery in their performances. They should be so proud of themselves. It was such a wonderful supportive atmosphere with each of the races being cheered along.               

We hope the children were inspired to keep running and advertised the 2K Junior Park Run at Phear Park in Exmouth every Sunday at 9am for them to go to.


We had a busy morning at Exmouth Tennis Centre for the KS2 Funfest along with 11 other local schools. The ECC Sport leaders led the children around six different multi sport activities. These included running and dodging games, fundamental movement challenges, parachute games, End Zone matches, Relays and Boccia.

There was some lovely feedback from the staff saying how much the children were really engaged and enjoying themselves. Lots of ideas of activities for the children to bring back to school and play at lunchtimes and in PE lessons.

Well done to all of those children who took part and represented the school so incredibly!

Years 1 & 2 enjoyed a busy and fun morning at their multi sports festival at Exmouth Tennis Centre.  The pupils were led by the ECC Sport leaders around seven activity stations. These were all designed to develop the pupils skills and confidence. The sports hall was buzzing with activity, it was great to watch the pupils really enjoying themselves.

Well done to all the children who were so enthusiastic and represented the school so well.

On 29th November, Branscombe CofE Primary School, Farway CofE Primary School, Broadhembury CofE Primary and Woodbury Salterton CofE Primary took part in a PE sporting event at Branscombe Village Hall. At the event, we played lots of fun, team games which meant that we had to practise our skills of communication and teamwork as we were working, with children we hadn’t met before. Sometimes we were in competition with each other or ourselves. We also, played lots of fun games, which had us running, jumping, hopping, and moving around- sometimes working as a team or alone. We all had a really fun day, there was lots of laughter and high fiving, we were all very tired by the time we got back to school!