Pumpkins in Class 1

5 November 2018

Class 1 have had a week thinking all about Pumpkins. We heard the story about Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and have had lots of fun playing and learning all about pumpkins.

Magnus on the science table – ‘I could see the seeds inside the little pumpkin to help them grow.”

Florence in the mud kitchen – ‘ I am making pumpkin soup. You need 4 pine cones, 2 leaves and 2 tins of baked beans.’ She mixed up a lovely soup using her recipe.

Sidney put his people in a pumpkin boat – ‘I put too many in and the boat sank.’

Charlie used the pumpkin to make a geo-board. ‘ I put lots of pins in and made squares’.

Shelby on the art table – ‘I painted a pumpkin with yellow and green paint.’

Olivia with the small world – ‘ We’ve got a pumpkin house like in the story – here’s the squirrel and the cat and the duck. They live in the house and eat soup.’

Mrs Newton was served Pumpkin soup in our Pumpkin Cafe role play area where Dylan was a great chef.

The nursery children made paper pumpkins to hang on our wall with the reception children’s beautiful art work.

The children ended the week using their pumpkins to make delicious pumpkin soup!!