In Science, Class 3 explored the size and scale of the solar system by using different size objects. We researched the size of each planet and found out how far away each one is from Earth. 
In Science, Class 3 have been researching how the Earth rotates around the sun to give us night and day using a torch and a globe to represent the sun and the Earth. We found lots of facts...did you know that the Earth spins at 1000 mph?
Class Two have been investigating forces. They have conducted an experiment to see whether different surfaces affect how far a toy car will travel. They have carefully considered what they will need to keep the same in order for the investigation to be fair. They carefully measured the distance travelled and recorded their results before answering their question.
What exciting scientific investigations we have carried out!
We had our very own iceberg which we observed throughout the course of the day.
We began by placing the iceberg in a shallow dish of water and measured the circumference. We then wrote hypotheses to explain our predictions of what may happen to the ice.
We ensured we carried out a fair test by maintaining a constant temperature, using the same tape measure and the same intervals of time between measurements.
We noticed not only how the iceberg had melted by 16 cm in size, but how the crystal formation changed each half hour.
We really enjoyed this investigation as we have been learning all about the polar regions this term.