Seasonal changes in Class 1

13 January 2019

As part of our work thinking about the seasons, Class 1 set off early one morning to look at the changes a winter morning had brought to the village. They found lots of white, frosty leaves and grass. The children told how they had to help scrape the ice off their cars earlier that morning.

They were safely wrapped up in their coats and hats and Alice told us that animals kept warm because they had thick furry coats. Magnus told us some animals hibernate in the winter to stay warm until the spring.

We found the first signs of new life in the Snowdrops by the brook – Dylan said because they look like snow!

Elanor could tell me that when the Spring came the birds would come back to our country from the other hot countries.

Great Observational skills from the children and lovely red noses when we got back to school!!