Thank you Day

About Thank You Day

After eighteen long months, the end of lockdown is finally in sight. It’s been an experience that has tested everyone. But from the beginning, we’ve been helping each other through. 

As families, streets and communities – checking in on each other, making sure neighbours are ok, going to work when we had to and staying at home whenever we were told.

The crisis has reminded us all that when it really matters, we ’re here for one another, and that’s something to be grateful for. 

Before normal life takes over again, we want to pause and say thank you to everyone who helped. From neighbours who kept the noise down or dropped off the shopping, mum and dad for putting up with us under the same roof, delivery drivers and supermarket security guards who kept us fed, local shop keepers who stayed open, care workers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and everyone who obeyed the rules, we couldn’t have done it without each other. 

We wrote thank you messages to create a piece towards a national thank you card alongside artist Charlie Mackesy for Thank You Day.