Thy Kingdom Come

7 June 2019

Thy Kingdom Come 2019 – a global wave of prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come invites people to grow in prayer – as individuals, in families, with friends, with others across the Diocese.

The children in Class Two have written prayers which include praying for others in the hope that the person that they are praying for and themselves will get to know God better. They have placed their prayers into a prayer box which they have made and decorated with six different places that they would like to say their prayer. Each day for 11 days they will say their prayer in as many different places as possible.
In Class 3, we had the opportunity for some quiet reflection time on the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer. This is part of our ‘Thy Kingdom Come Week’ in school, where we are thinking about how we pray and communicate with God. A great opportunity for sharing and listening to others!