Vision Week in Class 1

20 November 2019

Today in Class 1, we have been thinking about our gifts and talents and how we can use them to inspire others. We wrote lists and Charlie had the great idea that after writing our names in the star we should colour it yellow to look as if we were shining lights. We all agreed this was a great and inspiring suggestion!

We have talked about whom we love and how we can show love to family, friends, the wider community and our world. We then used the laptops to make family word-art pictures.

This afternoon Year 6 visited us with the imaginative toilet linked games they had made. The leaders were really kind and encouraging and we all had a great afternoon with lots of fun and laughter. I am not sure which game they preferred – Name the Poo? Guess the sheets of toilet paper in the jar, Pin the Flush on the Loo! Or Loo Roll Skittles. Thank you, Year 6 for an enjoyable session.