Wonderstruck Science Day

24 February 2020

This week Woodbury Salterton School were lucky enough to win a day of Science fun with Wonderstruck. As a small rural school we were able to enter a competition with them and were excited to hear that we had won.
Peter started the day off by showing us some amazing science tricks including shooting rockets, exploding rice Krispies and propelling a four-wheeled vehicle carrying one of the children along the village hall floor.
The children then built their own rockets in small teams which we tested in the Glebe field. Some went so far they had to be retrieved from the next field! Later the children were able to use kits to build wheeled go-karts propelled by motors. We finished the day by holding a competition to see whose was the fastest.
We had a fantastic day and the children have had an great insight into how important the STEM subjects can be in answering questions and developing new ideas.