School Aims/Ethos

School Vision, Aims and Ethos
On this page you will find the whole school Vision, Ethos and Mission Statements as well as the school aims that the governors and school staff work towards.
Pebblebed Hub Vision Statement
The Pebblebed Hub of the Jubilee with Pebblebed Federation reviewed their vision statement during the Autumn Term of 2019. We decided to launch the new vision statement with children and parents and members of the community with a special event across the two schools. During the launch week the children were immersed in some very special activities to help them to understand what the vision statement means and how it can impact on their lives.
Photos of the different activities during Vision Week can be found in the leaflet below and on the 'Events' Tab, followed by '2019-20'.
The whole school have worked together to create beautiful artwork for our playground based upon our school vision of “Inspiring One Another to Live Life in all its Fullness.” Our way to remember and articulate our school vision is through the values of Love, Inspiration, Fellowship and Encouragement, of which the initial letters spell out the word LIFE.

Each pupil produced a piece of artwork which was then put together and sent to the printers. The result is now a colourful, permanent display in our playground to inspire us all.