Year 5 & 6 Touch Rugby Tournament at Exmouth Rugby Club

An awesome afternoon of Touch Rugby was enjoyed by 11 Teams across our Exmouth learning Community. The afternoon started with the pupils learning the rules and gaining an understanding of the new format of ‘Touch Rugby’. They watch the ECC Sport Leaders play a game with the rules being explained with their visual demonstration. The teams then worked with ECC Sport Leaders and played in a training match against another school. After this schools were put into a ‘Lions’ or ‘Tigers’ competition and played in a Round Robin style tournament.

It was wonderful to see how the pupils skills and game play improved throughout the matches. Some great team work and team spirit throughout the afternoon. 

Tiger Tournament:

1st: Woodbury

2nd: Exeter Rd A

3rd:  Littleham

4th: Woodbury Salterton

5th: Exeter Rd B