In PHSE Classes 2 and 3 have been learning about how to stay safe on bonfire night. Lots of important safety rules and tips were discussed and then put together to create informative posters.
We talked about ways to enjoy a different sort of bonfire night this year. Some of our ideas included having a family party with glow sticks, watching a display on T.V and having a zoom call firework quiz!
Stay safe please everybody.
As part of the PSHE curriculum Class 1 and 2 invited a visitor from Devon and Somerset Fire Service to talk to us about fire safety. We learnt some really important lessons such as which number to call in an emergency, which hazards to look out for in the house and how to Stop, Drop and Roll! We also talked a lot about what the fire and rescue service do and how they help people. Now we can all make sure we are safe when we are at home and know who to call if we need help.